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Luxury collection trunks, the know-how ‘à la Française’.



Malle2Luxe - Paris is above all passions for the old trunks of luxury and their mysteries.

A sensitivity for the know-how of French craftsmanship.


The imagination of Louis Vuitton, François Goyard and Pauline Moynat was unlimited to realize the dreams of escaping and distant travel of their prestigious clients. 



Our Story, our Passion

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Workshop louis vuitton   Restoration of old collection trunk

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trunk history old goyard vuitton



Malle2luxe is an expert in the fields of carpentry, leatherware, upholstery, upholstery, upholstery, goldsmithing and metal polishing.


Expert en conseil read our Guide to buying a luxury trunk. And our article that fights counterfeit luggage and Louis Vuitton bag.


All of its specialties are essential for an accomplished result.


We are the guardians of time.


We are best antiques dealers trunks louis vuitton vintage LV monogram cabin.


During a restoration of a luxury trunk, gestures and materials have not changed, time stops and no longer matters, Only the result matters. 


Do you want to sell your trunk? We buy your suitcase, trunk, wardrobe.


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Remember these luxury luggage.

True companions for life at the time when traveling is an art.

Each trunk is unique as is its historyWrite your ...




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Trunk cabine Louis Vuitton 1924
Trunk cabine Louis Vuitton 1924
Trunk cabine Louis Vuitton 1911
Trunk cabine Louis Vuitton 1911
Oxidized brass maintenance kit - professional
Brass maintenance kit - professional

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brass trunk vuitton maintenance guide

Maintenance guide for trunk brasses


In polishing we see everything and anything!

It is clear that 95% of used trunks sold by antique dealers have a polishing very bad bill.



manufacture of custom box

Manufacture of a custom box


This figurine was offered to her by her dear grandmother, and has been in the family for several generations. This family patrimony has a great sentimental value that he wanted to protect in a luxury setting to transmit it in his turn





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