Louis Vuitton Toiletry Set

L. Vuitton Toiletry Kit



We received this Louis Vuitton toiletries dating from 1936.


Probably the most luxurious range that Louis Vuitton has ever produced, surpassing the masters in leather work like Hermes.


The most noble materials were chosen to make this toilet kit, the quality of the cladding work and the adjustment of the elements is out of norms, closer to the watchmaking than to the luggage. This kit is an "ultra luxury" item.


The manufacture of accessories is entrusted to the best craftsmen in their fields.


- The brushes are made of ivory


- The finest seamed leathers for interior and exterior are selected.


- The bottles are made of crystal


- The lids are in solid silver (first title)

old trunk vuitton


- The mirror is silvered to the leaf.


- The accessories are stainless steel (which was very modern for the time)


All accessories are engraved L. Vuitton


Nothing is too good to satisfy the most demanding customers.

L. Vuitton Toiletry Kit


This travel article was used for women to shine in society, to remain beautiful and fragrant in the four corners of the world and in all circumstances.



The interior of this luggage is arranged to the extreme. Boxes, drawers, to store and protect perfume bottles, compacts, brushes, mirror, manicure accessories ...



I remember a conversation with the person in charge of special orders at one of the L. Vuitton shops talking about this generation of toiletry sets, a model of which was displayed in a glass case like a work of art:


"if we had to do it again by keeping this level of quality we could not sell them, so the price would be astronomical given the time spent manufacturing"


Even if we talk about restoration, it is actually a thorough cleaning.

1936 Louis Vuitton Toiletry Set
1936 Louis Vuitton Toiletry Set
silver trunk vuitton
deoxidize silver by malle2luxe the reference in luxury trunk

100% of the parts are kept, we have removed the oxidation and the pollutants accumulated during all these years.


- Nourishes the leathers to find their color


- Restore the shine to the ivory pieces


- Deoxidized silverware


- Shines stainless steel


- etc


The quality of the workshops malle2luxe. The reference in the field of the restoration of luxury trunks and luggage.


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