Repair of a Vuitton trunk lock

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To open this trunk, the former owner decided that the best solution was to cut the hasp ring like a squirrel ... carnage!


We will show you behind the scenes of a restoration, step by step.


Our core business is the restoration of old trunks. In order to keep the authenticity of the piece we will keep 100% of the parts present and repair them.


This work of goldsmithery, in the rules of the art is longer than to replace the original part by a "generic" of modern manufacture. But every day we strive to revive old trunks with this authenticity.

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The lock was already partially disassembled. We had to unlock the locking system to release the bottom part.






Surface preparation:


These steps are intended to prepare the surface for welding.


- Deoxidation


- Passage into a degreasing bath


- Preparation for welding






It will heat the brass to a temperature of 920 ° so that it melt.






We will remove the excess solder, re-drawing the contours and curves of the piece. It is done by eye and by hand with different files. The expertise of the goldsmith.





Surface preparation, debossellage and surface raking before polishing







- Pre-polished

- Mirror polishing

These actions of polishing of the brass restores all its brightness, no scratch is visible just a beautiful mirror.




All these steps are indispensable none is superfluous.

Only the combination and the mastery of all these actions are the guarantee of an impeccable result.



Before - After restoration, concerning 100% of the original parts, it is the work of restoration of high quality.

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