6 tips for dating your Louis Vuitton trunk

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It is common to ask us the age of his trunk Louis Vuitton,


even if it has little impact on the value of the luggage. Indeed, the trunks too old, of archaic manufacture, have less value than a trunk more modern, more technically finished and aesthetically.


The date is often the starting point of a quest, in search of its history and its origins.


We will reveal 6 tips for dating your old Louis Vuitton luggage:

1- Outdoor canvas LV

trunk louis vuitton canvas outdoor




To fight against the copies of the competition, Louis Vuitton has not ceased to evolve the induction of its canvas.


- The first were gray Trianon


- Woven striped fabric


- The canvas with checkered stencils


- The famous monogrammed woven LV fabric


- The stencil LV


- PVC coated fabric LV


These different manufacturing processes and typography make it possible to accurately date the canvases and thus the luggage.

2- Serial Number

trunk louis vuitton Serial Number



Each trunk has its own identification number.


Thanks to the Louis Vuitton archives, the serial number is a simple way to know the year and the month of manufacture and sale of its trunk.


However it is regularly illegible or disappeared.

3- Lock number

trunk louis vuitton lock number



On the brass locks a key number is engraved.


The number is specific to a customer and allows its owner to

redo a key in case of loss.


It is a means of knowing the period of manufacture of a trunk, even if there are particular cases.

4- Engraving Lock & Clasp

lock clasp louis vuitton trunk brass engraving



The engraving on the lock and brass clasps has evolved throughout the years.


At first there was nothing



Then the address of the shops, with on certain elements the initials L.V



And finally still used today the LV logo in a circle.

5- Internal label

trunk louis vuitton internal label


The inner label of a trunk is a mine of information.


The design of this one has not stopped evolving.


- The first were large format on which was hit the serial number


- the following, colored, of a smaller format and the serial number stamped next to the canvas.


- Then with a window open on the canvas, showing the serial number printed on this canvas and accompanied with more or less information.


- Some will be golden


- To become today of simple labels Beige plastic or leather without information other than the name Louis Vuitton and serving as support for the serial number.

6- Addresses of shops

scribe louis vuitton trunk Addresses of shops




Engraved on brass hardware like locks, handles but also on interior labels include the addresses of Louis Vuitton shops.



Through these addresses and their opening and closing dates we can date your Louis Vuitton luggage.

Conclusion :

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As you can imagine there are a multitude of special cases, but thanks to the overlap of all this information an expert like Malle2luxe will be able to date your luggage Louis Vuitton and to unmask the frauds.