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When we received this little checkerboard trunk unpretentious we were far from imagining the discovery that awaited us. We have seen thousands of Louis Vuitton trunks, restored hundreds and it is rare to make a discovery of this nature.

Antiquités Brocante, the magazine of lovers of antiques and flea market for over 20 years! In the last Antiquités Brocante of November 2019 N ° 253 we speak of our workshops. Malle2luxe - Paris

Almost all the old Louis Vuitton trunks, even the rarest ones, have been abandoned for a part of their life and many have suffered from mishaps. Our workshops malle2luxe restores them, respecting the know-how of the malletiers Parisiens.

We receive many emails from people wanting to know the value of their trunk Louis vuitton, Goyard or Moynat. It is common to confuse expertise and estimation. Revelations about an abuse of language.

From a Polish cabinetmaker and an Irish mother, Leopold Stokowski by his real name Antoni Stanisław Bolesławowicz is a British conductor. Born April 18, 1882 in London He divorced three times: 1911 with Lucie Hickenlooper pianist-concertist under the name of Olga Samaroff 1926 with Evangeline Love Brewster Johnson, heir to powerful Johnson & Johnson 1945 with another heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. His career as a conductor lasted from 1908 to 1972. Naturalised American in 1915, Stokowski...

The unique number of each trunk is recorded on a sales book that coordinates the orders, manufacture and delivery of each trunk. From this number and the registers, we can date the purchase of each trunk, identify its owner. The lock numbers, identical to those of the keys, are also listed in specific registers.

Mail Louis Vuitton trunk, As for each of our interventions a photographic follow-up is carried out from the moment of its state of state until the rendering after restoration. It is the guarantee of the respect of the traditions and the conservation of the inscriptions, as for example its initials FB in a big black rectangle of origin.

When we received this trunk, we were full of optimism. It was not our first complex wardrobe restoration, and we were sure to take on this new challenge quickly. Unfortunately bad surprises awaited us. Abandoned in a barn in a deep French province, this trunk had lived several lives.

Flower trunk with zinc tray circa 1910, monogrammed paper At Louis Vuitton, it is a rule not to give any discount or discount, for any reason whatsoever. In order to thank their most loyal customers in a different way, Georges and Gaston-Louis Vuitton decide to proceed more gallantly by honoring the ladies.

This is a chance and a privilege for us when our client brought us this Louis Vuitton Explorer trunk made of aluminum, with extraordinary dimensions. This is undoubtedly the most expensive trunk and one of the rarest that we have never restored. The reputation of malle2luxe, the know-how of our workshops and its international reputation have led our customer to us.

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