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From a Polish cabinetmaker and an Irish mother, Leopold Stokowski by his real name Antoni Stanisław Bolesławowicz is a British conductor. Born April 18, 1882 in London He divorced three times: 1911 with Lucie Hickenlooper pianist-concertist under the name of Olga Samaroff 1926 with Evangeline Love Brewster Johnson, heir to powerful Johnson & Johnson 1945 with another heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. His career as a conductor lasted from 1908 to 1972. Naturalised American in 1915, Stokowski...

Flower trunk with zinc tray circa 1910, monogrammed paper At Louis Vuitton, it is a rule not to give any discount or discount, for any reason whatsoever. In order to thank their most loyal customers in a different way, Georges and Gaston-Louis Vuitton decide to proceed more gallantly by honoring the ladies.

Dairy is not the real title of this table. The original Dutch title is Het melkmeisje A translation error appears next to the table The mikmaid (translation: the dairy) But this English translation is not correct because a dairy is a person who delivers milk from the farm. In the 17th century, the first title of the painting was "a servant pouring milk" and this is what it is. But the misleading title subsequently experienced such

Albert Kahn (1860 - 1940) was a wealthy banker known to be a great patron but especially who sent between 1908 and 1930 photographers on five continents to form a huge photographic background

the Aero trunk is the name of an extra lightweight trunk for men. Full, it weighs only 26 kilos, it was designed and studied for air travel, it is one of the lightest historical trunks ...

Although aluminum has invaded virtually every area of everyday life, it was a time when aluminum was worth more than gold. In 1807 a British physicist named "aluminum" a metal which he supposes the existence. In 1854 a French chemist presented the first aluminum ingot to the Academy of Sciences.

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Definition of Suitcase: The suitcase is the evolution of the bag, it protects its contents thanks to a rigid frame. The luggage is rectangular in shape, generally between 40 and 80 cm in length. The difference between a trunk is a suitcase is not the size, but the number of handle. A trunk is worn at least 2 hands, the suitcase is worn with one hand. The suitcase is accepted by most companies as hand luggage to be put in cabins on trains, boats, carts, or cars. They can also easily be stacked...

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Series of low trunks with flat tops. Whose maximum height is 39 cm The depth is variable but less than 56 cm The length is variable but does not exceed 115 cm These dimensions are most common variables being 90 cm and 1 meter.