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Antiquités Brocante, the magazine of lovers of antiques and flea market for over 20 years! In the last Antiquités Brocante of November 2019 N ° 253 we speak of our workshops. Malle2luxe - Paris

In polishing on everything and anything! We reveal to you how to recognize a good polishing of brass. It is clear that 95% of used trunks sold by antique dealers have a polishing very bad bill. Even if the trunks are old, even if there is a certain charm to have a ruined object, it is inconceivable for a collector to have a precious object, luxury, scratched by an inadequate restoration ...

L'état d'alerte et la vigilance est de rigueur. Malle2luxe lutte contre la destruction de patrimoine et dénonce ces pratiques. beaucoup de malle de luxe ancienne louis vuitton sont repeintent attention donc si vous achetez une wardrobe ou un malle a chapeau