Restauration: Louis Vuitton bookcase trunk YELLOW vuittonite very rare

Many mysteries

Trunk library Louis Vuitton orange

Trunk Library, the largest model produced series (model double doors), it was used to carry his favorite books, typewriter, throughout his travels.



This incredible trunk library in orange Vuittonite, hides many mysteries because appearances are deceptive as you will discover.



It is a fascinating trunk that we discover during the exhibition of the largest Louis Vuitton trunk collection in the world "Legendary trunk" in Amsterdam.


trunk orange louis vuitton

We are a partner and responsible for the heritage in charge of the restoration of the entire collection.



Despite a very healthy state of this trunk:


  • Leather in perfect condition, clear color
  • The impeccable interior
  • complete


The color of the canvas challenged us because it could not be original ....


Also we could see that the lock was forced.



Our mission: Found the original state

The investigation: Canvas Vuittonite

The canvas had been repainted in ORANGE! trunk Louis Vuitton

Looking closely at the canvas, we could see areas where the induction vuittonite was scraped and which one could perfectly distinguish the frame of the fabric support, but it was covered with an orange paint ...



The canvas had been repainted in ORANGE!



Repainting is an unconventional practice practiced by novices or malicious traders to hide misery. It is detrimental to the value of the trunk.

This makeup is reserved for damaged or damaged canvas, on trunks of low value.


But the condition and rarity of this baggage were not in keeping with the practice of repainting ... What did we want to hide?

orange canvas trunk vuitton yellow

So we carried out a stripping test to remove this "repaint" and while we were expecting to update the original orange canvas ... amazement! Below the canvas was lemon yellow !!



The yellow canvas is much rarer than the orange canvas!



This yellow Vuittonite canvas has a peculiarity that makes it UNIQUE. It is ignorance that explains the repainting of this trunk!

trunk louis vuitton old

The yellow Vuittonite canvas has a photosensitivity that makes the pigments unstable.



The areas exposed to light (UV, moon) keep their lemon yellow color, however all the hidden areas of the light, turn orange, more or less intense, depending on the exposure!



This peculiarity, unique to the yellow canvas trunks, makes them unique, creating incredible gradations depending on the exposure of light from lemon yellow to orange!



Once the stripping completely completed, we could enthusiastically find the original color and texture of this canvas, slightly cracked by the years.


PATINA with fascinating gradients, louis vuitton trunk

The unexposed canvas, like the lid seams, hotel label and interior had become orange while the lemon yellow exterior had taken an exhilarating PATINA with fascinating gradients, making each face unique.



The label was not original but here we could distinguish the many traces of moving old labels, the remains of the last mysteries of his many travels.

Broken lock: Repaired lock

The inner color explains that the state is also perfect. It had been stored closed.



Against all odds it was thought that the M was fanciful, but this one was original and the one who had repainted the outside had taken care to spare him.

Broken lock: Repaired lock

Broken lock: Repaired lock

The broken lock is then dismounted and the damaged parts replaced by an identical piece of origin and the same time.


At Malle2Luxe, we have one of the largest collection of Louis Vuitton trunk parts.



Allowing to repair practically any old trunk with the original part (nails, locks, clasps ..). There is a multitude of different versions by model according to the years, the time and the address of shop.



For this trunk library, we will have to dismount a good part of the interior of the trunk to access the rivet of the lock.


The riveting is done with old nails, from a trunk that could not be saved.



This long work is the only solution to guarantee a perfect restoration.


Balance sheet

trunk for book louis vuitton yellow open

Like many restorations, it is a quest full of emotions and twists to understand what led this trunk to us and revealed some mysteries even if it will carry much with it.


And it is with great pride that we have given it a second wind.

Before and after photos



Malle bibliothèque restauration : French version