Restoration of an aluminum Louis Vuitton trunk

One of the rarest trunks in the world.

most expensive Louis Vuitton aluminum trunk in the world


This is a chance and a privilege for us when our client brought us this Louis Vuitton Explorer trunk in aluminum , from 1892 to extraordinary dimensions.


This is undoubtedly the most expensive trunk and one of the rarestthat we have never restored.


The reputation of malle2luxe, the know-how of our workshops and its international reputation have led our customer to us.


A smaller and poorer model was sold at Christie's last week and broke the auction room world record.

louis vuitton aluminum trunk lock

By entrusting us with her treasure our client knew that she would be in good hands and left us carte blanche.


Indeed we are the only ones to respect the rules of the art.

Combining know-how and perfect historical knowledge of the Louis Vuitton luxury home .


Without denaturing the object:

Keep without degrading



A la recherche de l'état d'origine :

la malle louis vuitton en coin aluminium

Our object is always the same:


Find the original state before your last trip.



Find the look she was 90 years ago when she was looked after by the house staff, that she was pampered and loved by her owner.

It is necessary to imagine at this time the extravagance of traveling with such trunks. This luxury left no one indifferent and increased a little more the legend of its owner. What could this trunk contain?

After this dazzling and glorious period, it was abandoned and forgotten under the dust.



The goal is not to have a new trunk as factory outlet or reconditioned but to return to the original healthy, cleaned, without erasing its history.

the most expensive trunk in the world louis vuitton

We had already restored trunks made of zinc, brass, copper but never aluminum.


The first thing to determine is the finish of this white metal, extremely rare at the time. Was it shiny, matte, satin, smooth, brushed?


The top was very oxidized with white and black spots typical of aluminum.


By examining the inside of the lid and the sealing joint, this area protected from the weather and oxidation left the original metal.

Rubbing a little with a cotton moistened with alcohol, the original shine appeared to us: a shiny polished metal. This moment was incredible!we could imagine the finished result of this trunk!


Aluminum is a complicated metal to polish because very fat. It is polishing just enough not to remove the patina and these little fly legs typical of the old aluminum production due to the rolling of this exceptional metal ...


We will have to arm ourselves with patience. More than 100 hours of cleaning work will be required to return to the original condition.



Despite the imposing mass, this trunk that reflects the surrounding light and decor is like a chameleon. Very light, almost invisible in the decor. it's a fascinating model to contemplate, adding a little more mystery to his travels and his story ...


the adventure continues.


Restauration d'une malle en aluminium : Version Française