Handle Replacement of an Exceptional Goyard Shoe Case

Practical and aesthetic the shoe bag convinced the elegant

suitcase goyard trunk old leather fo shoes

When we received this small suitcase with 6 pairs of 1920's lady's shoes we were pleasantly surprised by its general condition.



This model is patented by Goyard , and no less than 3 stamps "registered model" remind us.



Good points :

  • Perfect wood structure
  • Interior fabrics without stains, odorless
  • Perfect outer cloth and lozine, not clogged with dust and surrounding pollution
model deposited trunk goyard for shoes

Negative points :

  • The brasses have been varnished
  • Both handles are broken
  • The elastics of the shoe pockets are distended


What we can call a good base for a restoration that we will share step by step.

Varnished brass

varnished brass trunk goyard not good idea


As always naiveté is to believe that varnish, wax or other miracle oil will protect the oxidation of brass.



Only regular maintenance of the bran ensures a perfect shine of your breasts. So do not waste time lacquering them is a mistake.



Certainly the varnish protects and reduces the oxidation of brass a few months. But very quickly it will lose its shine, tarnish, then instead of taking a nice caramel patina, turn green. You can see the brush marks of the different thicknesses of the varnish during the application.

suitcase goyard old best brass polish

Result: It makes it more complicated cleaning because it will remove the varnish without damaging the canvas and lozine, delicate and complex task.



After removing the varnish from the bristles, we proceed to a cleaning of the surfaces. Made perfectly smooth we were able to use our Professional Care Cream product 



The bristles have thus recovered their brilliance and their original brightness for our greatest satisfaction.

Leather handle construction

Leather handle construction goyard

Leather working is one of the specialties of the Malle2luxe workshops .


Dressing , saddlery , leather goods, it is always an emotion to work this noble materials, of character.


The original handles unfortunately were dry, the flower of the leather, sanded by the years were torn in several places.

natural leather for trunk luxury goyard


Each luxury home has its own handle designs and despite the minimalist form making these two handles identical was a real challenge.



The structure of the handles is made of natural hemp rope.


The ends will be frayed to reduce the thickness of rope and ensure a perfect finish, consistent with the original design.



Split leather, trimmed and then wrapped in shape and stitched saddle stitch.



To make the handle it is necessary to disassemble the brass bridges. And to dismantle the saddles it is necessary to disassemble a part of the inside of the shoe case. It's a cascade job.

goyard 1920 trunk shoes

We take the opportunity to replace the same elastic tape shoe pouches that was distended by the years.



It will take us about 18 hours to dismantle, build and reassemble the leather handles.



It is a long work, require but it is the only solution to guarantee a result of quality which does not depreciate the object after restoration and which ensures to these handles a functionality of use as in the first day, without losing the patina years.



It is a real pleasure to participate in this quest, to find the original state of this exceptional suitcase by giving it a second wind without distorting it.


The suitcase will be sold in a few hours on our shop , has a collector aware and respectful of the rules of art.



Photos - After restoration of this suitcase Goyard Circa 1920


Restauration d'une valise Goyard : Version Française