Louis Vuitton Contest: Trunk adventurer 2.0

trunk vuitton 2.0 adventurer

Trunk adventurer louis vuitton 2.0

By Jonathan Knafo

It all starts with an encounter. That of an exceptional craftsman who works in the historic workshops of the Louis Vuitton house in Asnières sur Seine.


A competition is organized internally to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Asnières workshop, whose theme is:

The Contemporary Journey


Jonathan, a young recruit full of ideas and enthusiasm, is one of 40 participants. On a page A4 format he draws the sketch of his project and his vision of the trunk of contemporary adventurer.


After deliberation, only one drawing is retained. His !


Wait to see the result.

In addition to an overflowing imagination, this young man has two hands in gold. Having ideas is good, making them happen is even better.


Perfectionist, it will take three years to gather all the elements constituting this fascinating trunk.



This unusual Louis Vuitton trunk features an incredible amount of items essential to the adventurer 2.0:


To be oriented

Carefully stored in pockets, you will find:


- Travel cards

- A compass

- A flashlight


To make their way and defend themselves in this hostile environment:


- A machete

- A revolver

- An antidote syringe for poisons

- A distress flare

- A survival kit


To immortalize his adventure:


- An analog camera

- An objective

- Kodak pelicles.


To stay logged in:


- An Ipad tablet

- A Macbook Laptop

- Solar collector to recharge the batteries

More classic but indispensable objects:


- A box of matches

- A zipo lighter wrapped in ostrich leather

- A gourd

- A travel notebook

- Compresses


Finally, a secret trap door for confidential documents


The lock number of this trunk corresponds to its date of birth. Pretty wink!



Again bravo Jonathan K. for this superb realization as well as this overflowing imagination that invites us to travel.



Comment Jonathan:

Constraints and obstacles were numerous but perseverance paid off. It was a pleasure and a challenge to concretize this awakened dream.

More photos of this very special Louis Vuitton order: