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Histoire de la personnalisationHistoire de la personnalisation

Goyard Customization trunk old
Goyard Customization

Personalization has always existed to shine in the eyes of the world, to show its belonging to a rank, to appropriate the object by creating the affect, the craft, to make a unique product series, so that it becomes a work of art.


During the customization, the customer chooses the typography of the monogram, the colors, dimensions and creates his personal identity so that the object resembles him. This is an opportunity to assert his coat of arms and family crown.

alphabet embroidered by hand by
alphabet embroidered by hand by

The customization of luxury objects concerns all everyday objects:

  • The art of the table: crockery, crystal, cutlery and silverware
  • Linens: tea towels, linen, sheets
  • Clothing: Shirts ...
  • Jewelry: Signet
  • ... etc.

And of course the travel trunks.

Moynat customization trunk
Moynat customization

Luxury homes Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat offer for 150 years the customization of their luggage.


Motivated by practical imperatives, the personalization was mainly used to recognize, in a stream of luggage, on the platform of the station, in the ports, the transit halls, the trunks of the same family or the same owner.

Wardrobe Louis Vuitton very old photo
Wardrobe Louis Vuitton

Because you do not travel with a trunk, but rather with a dozen trunks per person, making the logistics of every perilous journey at a time when the seasonal migration of the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy was in full expansion.


The customization makes it possible to quickly distinguish its luggage by its owners but also by the transport services.


Indeed, at the time, exclusive services came to pick up your luggage and took care of all the logistics for you to find them directly in your hotel room or your house on your arrival.


The times are changing


One time, the personalization seems outdated and old-fashioned, but it is making a comeback.


Even though there are limited series, more and more customers want to make their objects "unique in the world" and appreciate the customizations, hand painted by craftsmen, on a precious travel article and so out of standardization

Evolution and design

bag louis vuitton moynat louis vuitton customers

Design: names, bands of colors, different initials according to countries and cultures.


In France, it is customary to display his initials making a little more mysterious the identity of the owner.


While in the Anglo-Saxon countries as in the United States of America and England where the name and first name are written in full.


Over the years typography, the choice of colors and characters have evolved.

The colored stripes which were formed at the beginning of two bands of the same width, are now wider, more numerous and of different thicknesses.


You can date a trunk just by seeing the customizations.

Customization detail

Wardrobe Malle

Count Curt Haugwitz-Hardenberg Reventlow

Number 2 means there was a trunk suite

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1925 cabin trunk

Mrs Doré Gulbenkian

Trunk bed 1905

Savorgnan de Brazza famous explorer

Today the "personalization" is the "freedom of choice" it does not stop at a simple initial, or bands. All the reasons can be painted, a logo, a floral subject, a landscape, a character of animation...


Since 2008 Louis Vuitton offers its customers the personalization of bags and small accessories of leather goods. This nice nod to a glorious past of travel. The customer can choose up to 3 bi-colored letters, vertical or diagonal stripes among 17 colors, which allows more than 200 million combinations.


These new large-scale customizations are printed during the making of the bag on canvas and unpainted by hand as at the time.

Meeting with a painter

General Manager Louis Vuitton and Cristina during a personalization session
General Manager Louis Vuitton and Cristina during a personalization session


Meeting with a painter, partner of Louis Vuitton.


Cristina, Italian with fairy fingers.


If Louis Vuitton chose this independent worker as one of its partners for customizing luggage for more than 35 years it is not a coincidence.


Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Michelangelo .. so many names that have imposed Italy as the country of classical painting since the Renaissance.

Personalization: Add extra soul.


It was in 1984 that Louis Vuitton opened its first Boutique in Italy, in Milan in the prestigious "Via Monte Napoleone". Cristina, then 24 years old, was received by the director of the shop. At that time, Cristina already had a good experience of colors and working methods, thanks to the precious teaching of her graphic father, completed by a training and a diploma of art school, then polytechnic design, graphic and visual sector.

It has taken many tests on the material to find the solvent to use, as well as the best method of treatment, from the drawing, to obtain exactly the characteristics, finishes and colors imposed by the House of luxury.

The Milan store was an immediate success and sent the items to be personalized to Cristina. Then other stores opened all over Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Bari, Palermo ... then new shops in Switzerland in Geneva, Zurich, Crans Montana, Gstaad ... and also in other countries , in Spain in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Greece, Cyprus, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic.


Very quickly Cristina worked full time with Louis Vuitton ...

The supports:

  • LV pvc monogram canvas
  • Cowhide or cob
  • Very precious leather like crocodile

Work in progress by Cristina


Cristina's comment: I've never painted the same thing twice. It is an honor for me to work for the world's greatest draper.

Source: Vogue India - November 2011 trunk louis vuitton lara dutta bhupathi
Source: Vogue India - November 2011

Cristina is asked to make customizations on the luggage of the powerful and celebrities of this world.


Example with this exceptional meeting:


Lara dutta bhupathi


Famous Indian actress, successively elected Miss India and Miss Universe in 2000. Lara Dutta chooses a vanity "bottle box" to store her jewelry, cosmetics and accessories during her many travels.



During the reign of the Maharajas, many orders were placed at Louis Vuitton, their initials were painted in Gujariti (Indian language) and Latin typography.


Lara Dutta chose size, calligraphy, font, white and mustard colors for a refined, classic and elegant, timeless combination.

It was in Milan that Cristina took care of the customization for the Hollywood star.


Comment by Lara Dutta Bhupathi: It's an amazing feeling to be able to customize your accessories. No other luxury brand offers such a service. A story to share with my child.

Example of modern customization:

False customization and scam:

False customization and scam:


Because American and Japanese customers prefer trunks with customizations, antique dealers and unscrupulous merchants add customizations to facilitate the sale of their trunks.


We estimate that 70% of decorative bands called "stables" are counterfeit.

trunk 98% of wreaths and coats of arms are counterfeit.

We estimate that 98% of wreaths and coats of arms are counterfeit.


Malicious trunk restorers paint fake initials, hotel tags, bands, crest or royal crowns ...



These decorations have the sole purpose of deceiving the buyer to create a story and make the trunk more "authentic" and seductive.



Beware of beautiful stories ...


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