Decor Trunks : Louis Vuitton - Goyard – Moynat

Decorative element in its own right



Our dear trunks are amazing decoration items. Whether in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dressing room ... they find their place in every room of the house.

trunk vuitton collector old

These timeless objects blend both in a beachfront apartment in St Tropez, in a chalet in the mountains or in major world capitals like Paris, London or New York.


Whether the interior decor is sleek contemporary or old style, luxury trunks make their own blending in any home. 


In wood, leather or canvas, the trunks are admired and appreciated in the world for their aesthetic quality. Once restored, the antique luggage is a true element of glamorous decoration that will seduce lovers of design and parts charged with history.


The most trendy are the "grand luxe" versions of Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat with their monogram.


Modern and timeless, they fit in any style of your home. They will give a contemporary, chic and cozy touch to any corner of the room.


How to integrate an old trunk or old suitcase into your interior?


They have made long journeys and now in well deserved retreat, for our greatest pleasure, they invite themselves into our homes.



8 tips for decoating an old trunk

1 / Trunk coffee table - living room

table living room trunk vuitton cabine



Divert a trunk to the coffee table! Best seller sales.

The living room is the center of the house, a place of debate and exchange. It welcomes its friends and family with a drink.


Lying in front of the sofa in the middle of the living room, we like to share this moment of conviviality around this retro trunk that serves as a coffee table.


The trunk vuitton then becomes a useful object in addition to being a work of art that one admires alone or accompanied.e:


- In the morning for a coffee;

- In the afternoon for an aperitif;

- In the evening in front of the television.

courrier trunk vuitton


Council Malle2luxe:

Cabin trunks with a height of 25 to 29 cm are advisable if you have a low sofa, and the height of the furniture of the room are low in order to be in harmony.


Courrier trunks with a height of 45 to 66 cm are perfectly harmonized with sofas with a high seat and the furniture of the rooms are high.



Tip: to enjoy your trunk diverted to the coffee table without fear: made make, by a mirror, a glass tailor-made to place on the lid. It will protect the dust and accidents of everyday life while making the surface flat.

2 / trunk bed end - bedroom

trunk bedroom vuitton old



An obvious charm: adopt a louis vuitton trunk at the foot of a matrimonial bed. The room is the ideal place to dream of distant travels.


Tip: this trunk is ideal for storing linen, cushions, duvet and clothes off season. It also serves as a bench for sitting and changing.

3 / trunk for dressing - bedroom

trunk dressing wardrobe vuitton



The wardrobe trunks were used to change toilets quickly when he arrived in the steam cabins. They open on the edge and take up little space. Drawers are small: ideal for storing underwear, jewelry, scarves, watches, gloves, scarves and fashion accessories.


Tip: the ideal is to have one on each side, one for Madame and one for Monsieur

4 / Office furniture

office furniture trunk vuitton



The office trunks, clothes desk and other wardrobe are ideal in an entryway or in the corner for an office. True secretary, it's perfect for storing identity paper, crisis card and other administrative document because they are easy and fast access.

5/ At the end of a sofa

sofa trunk old vuitton



In a living room, placing some extra furniture is very useful. Diverting your travel luggage Goyard has several advantages:


Light visually, they become a real piece of furniture.

They offer a storage space to protect their memories (postal card, family photo album), and the top as side table, to deposit remote control, magazines, lamp, empty pocket ...


Its retro look, gives a lot of cachet to your living room and a trolley globe side that will leave nobody insensitive.


Tip: glue felt glue glued under the trunk to move it easily without scratching the floor. This trunk then becomes indispensable as a table for you.

6 / Bedside table

bedside table trunk goyard




A small square trunk turns into a bedside table. Indispensable for laying the clock radio, lamp, glasses and other accessories before going to bed.



Hat boxes are recommended to be hijacked as a bedside table.

7 / storage case in a dressing room

dressing trunk vuitton



Treasure trolley, storage box, excellent choice to store the bags or shoes of the couple. This trunk also becomes a bench seat for sitting and dressing.

8 / Or ... just

goyard moynat trunk vuitton old




Easy to move, the trunk travels Louis Vuitton, Goyard or Moynat in every corner of the house. In front of a window or a painting, next to a library or in place of an empty space, it transforms itself into a television cabinet the next day, side table, it is enough to itself.




Tip: place one or several suitcases on top of each other to create a pyramid of trunks, a veritable totem of French savoir-faire.

Prestigious apartment decoration with trunks:


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