Collector's Dream a louis vuitton mail trunk of zinc and brass explorer

zinc trunk Louis Vuitton explorer



There are some restorations that are so poetic that they can not leave us unmoved.


This explorer's trunk is the perfect example.


This trunk mail zinc and brass dates from 1889, it is an exceptional piece.


Abandoned for more than 90 years, the oxidation has completely metamorphosed and became unrecognizable. It is very difficult, even for an informed eye, to distinguish the nature of the metal covering it.

History of Louis Vuitton explorer trunks

inside trunk louis vuitton zinc

The Louis Vuitton explorer trunks are developed for extreme professionals:

  • Adventurer
  • Searcher
  • Conquistador
  • Conqueror
  • Explorer
  • Seasoned traveler.


Explorer's trunks are covered with a thin sheet of non-ferrous metal: zinc, copper, brass or aluminum.

This makes it possible to have a trunk practically as light as the public trunks coated with coated canvas. But the metal protects the contents of moisture and insects.


Unlike the coated canvas that can be eaten by Amazonian termites, explorer trunks are covered with metal to perfectly protect the wooden structure and the contents of xylophagous insect attacks.

malle en coin old vuitton



These trunks were exclusively intended for distant journeys, in the bush, in Africa, in the colonies, in Asia, in Amazonia ...


These trunks also benefited from the latest technological innovations, such as patented hermetic to protect rains and keep dry the contents of the luggage.


These trunks were therefore produced in very small quantities which explains their scarcity and their very high value.


And make it the Grail of any Louis Vuitton baggage collector.

Restoring a legendary trunk

Restoring a legendary trunk vuitton


Our mission was therefore as always to:


Find the original state before your last trip.


The difficulty of this project was to deoxidize zinc and brass without losing the patina.


The oxidation was extreme as if it had been stored outside without protection.

Several tenths of a millimeter to remove without deforming or losing the original form.

broken handle trunk brass louis vuitton

It would have been easy to deoxidize the metal as unfortunately do many dealers or amateurs, by applying acids. But we would have obtained a uniform color and lost all the patina that gives an exceptional charm to this trunk.


Several repairs are also expected, such as the right lock broken, and a broken handle.


By removing the handle to repair it, we have found the original color of zinc and brass perfectly shiny, protected from the weather and moisture since its manufacture.

Save French heritage

After restoration trunk mail zinc vuitton

Time does not count, only the result matters to get the best of quality.


Our restoration techniques respect the rules of traditional art, from the French know-how, in carpentry, goldsmith's, jewelery, leather goods, saddlery ...


so as not to lose the soul of the luggage or to denature the object.


After 120 hours of work we are pleased to present you the incredible result of this trunk Louis Vuitton zinc and brass.

After restoration trunk mail zinc

After restoration trunk mail zinc