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Finishes Louis Vuitton

Canvas historic louis vuitton trunk

The catalogs produced since 1892 distinguish different qualities of luggage according to their structures and their coatings. Four typical finishes are used:

All leather

  • leathery
  • Lozine
  • Moorish

Corresponding to a scale of luxury and resistance. These qualities are distinguished by the play of leathers or canvases with slats carved from beech wood (hard wood from which tools are eaten), by the harmony of the edges covered with painted sheet metal, of lozine (vulcanized fiber) Or leather, and finally by the brilliance of the brackets, locks, and buckles made of brass (or other solid metal) fixed by steel and brass rivets.

Referencing of canvases Louis Vuitton

canvas lv very old and vintage



Louis Vuitton has constantly evolved its canvases.


The first were united, then checkered, and the famous canvas LV better known today as the "monogram", these paintings have crossed the epochs.


The first were woven, then stencilled, then printed with silkscreen to become the canvas of today.


The canvases evolved well between 1858 with the gray Vuitton canvas Trianon united and 2010 with the canvas Murakami.


They have come a long way, they have evolved at the same time as the French industry, chemistry and technology.

Definition: Mark

Depending on the technique and materials used and period, the canvas present variations of textures and colors, which collectors and professionals call "Mark" marks we try to refer to below.


Note: The "Mark" corresponds to the typography, the colors used can be altered and skated according to the exposures

(Humidity, uv ...) which explains a multitude of hue for the same Mark.

Canvas of the old trunks


louis vuitton 1889 hat trunk trianon gray



Trianon gray canvas - Coated








Louis Vuitton 1889 Hat box

trianon trunk louis vuitton



Appearing in 1854, the oldest covering existing on the Louis Vuitton trunks is a hemp canvas painted in oil in gray called "gray Trianon".


striped louis vuitton

Striped canvas - Woven


Appearance of the brown and red striped canvas.

canvas louis vuitton striped trunk

Striped canvas - Woven








Louis Vuitton hat trunk 1886

louis vuitton canvas striped beige brown



It presents variations of brown and beige shades


tropical trunk courrier louis vuitton damier


Tropical damier coated canvas - Stencil


The yellow beige checkerboard is also called tropical.







Louis Vuitton "courrier" trunk 1889

tropicale canvas damier vuitton


Mark II


These beige, brown, printed versions preserve the appearance of a weaving of mats, while allowing the rhythmic appearance of the mention "L. Vuitton registered trademark" 



Dark damier canvas louis vuitton cabine trunk



 Dark damier canvas - Stencil



The most common color.




Louis Vuitton "cabine" trunk 1890

canvas louis vuitton mark 1 1880



 Mark I

Louis Vuitton Hat box 1895 damier











Louis Vuitton Hat box 1895

Louis Vuitton  canvas old trunk damier mark 2


Mark II

Monogram Woven

Louis Vuitton courrier trunk woven

Monogram Canvas - Woven


Monogram LV





Louis Vuitton "courrier" trunk 1903

Louis Vuitton monogram canvas woven old trunk

The Monogram canvas was created in 1896 by Georges Vuitton, son of Louis Vuitton.


It is a canvas woven to the jacquard craft, linen thread of two tones, one ecru, the other ground of its own, which shows a drawing in camaieu. Resistant fabric but also very flexible and, therefore difficult to work, sticking with rye flour and dextrin, it will be eaten by hungry rats.

The complexity of the implementation will lead to the abandonment definitively in 1905 because too difficult to work.

Monogram Coated Stencil

Louis Vuitton Hat box 1895 damier

Monogram Canvas - Stencil


Monogram LV yellow gold





Louis Vuitton courrier trunk 1906

Louis Vuitton courrier trunk mark 1

Mark I

From 1904 onwards, the Monogram canvas was converted into a printed version in order to follow the evolution of the coating materials: the appearance of the Pegamoid coating resin in fact reversed the ornamental technique since the canvas, this time devoid of pattern, is d First decorated with roses and monograms. This decoration is then stencilled in yellow-beige on a brown background, to restore the original damask pattern.


Until 1959, the canvases will be stencilled.

Louis Vuitton monogram trunk bleu mark 1




Even though anecdotal, the colored monogram trunk is part of the Louis Vuitton heritage.


Malle-auto Louis Vuitton 1916

Louis Vuitton mark 1 monogram


Mark I Blue


Rare Canvas Monogram of color developed between the years 1910 and 1930, declined in green, red and blue.

Louis Vuitton courrier trunk



Monogram LV yellow lemon





Louis Vuitton Mail Briefcase 1914

Louis Vuitton canvas trunk mark 2


Mark II


Louis Vuitton canvas mark 3


Mark III


Louis Vuitton canvas mark 4


Mark IV


Louis Vuitton cabine trunk


Canvas less contrasted and discreet





Louis Vuitton " Cabine " trunk 1935

Louis Vuitton canvas mark 5 trunk


Mark 5

Louis Vuitton suitcase leather 1952




Latest edition stencils


Very intense bright yellow, light brown chocolate background.


It is the most contrasted






Louis Vuitton wardrobe suitcase 1952

Louis Vuitton canvas mark 6


Mark VI

Canvas Vuittonite solid color



The Vuittonite is a thick coated canvas originally developed for automotive luggage. It will quickly seduce customers for its sobriety, and ca wide range of color.



Louis Vuitton Red Vuittonite Canvas

Red Vuittonite Canvas


It is the rarest present on some trunk automobile and certainly the most searched

Louis Vuitton trunk hat box yellow


Yellow vuittonite canvas

Louis Vuitton orange vuittonite canvas


Orange vuittonite canvas


 It is the most produced canvas

Louis Vuitton brown canvas trunk old



Canvas brown Vuittonite

Louis Vuitton canvas gray vuittonite old car



Canvas gray vuittonite


Not to be confused with the canvas trianon,


Mainly used for automotive trunk.

Louis Vuitton canvas black trunk car

Black Vuittonite Canvas


It is the canvas intended primarily for the trunk self also the canvas la rependu