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We receive many emails from people wanting to know the value of their trunk Louis vuitton, Goyard or Moynat.


This article is meant to help you.

Expertise - Estimate - Certificate of authenticity

estimate Louis Vuitton trunk price ?

It is common to confuse expertise and estimation.


Revelations about an abuse of language.


Definition: Estimate

An estimate is free and can be done by anyone.


It does not engage anyone, many amateurs engage in this exercise producing estimates that have no value.


Definition: Expertise

On the other hand an expertise is a paying service which engages the writing, this one is not done on photographs because the vices are too numerous.


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Certificate of authenticity trunk louis vuitton

Certificate of authenticity

The certificate of authenticity is not regulated.

No law gives it value.


Just like estimation, everyone can deliver.


The value of the certificate is based mainly on the credibility of its author (competence, good repute, notoriety, link that he possibly has with the author, etc.).


Only a Louis Vuitton certificate would have value.

Except Louis Vuitton does not produce any certificate for its bags, trunks, small leather goods ...


So if a seller offers you one or worse than you make a certificate beware.


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Used trunk specialist

Used trunk specialist Louis Vuitton

We do not make price estimates.


If you are a seller, we can be a buyer.

Thank you to give us your selling price. Keeping in mind that a good sale is a satisfactory seller transaction as a buyer.


We buy at the best price your trunks. contact us

What price for your luxury trunk?

The rating - Argus - the price

The rating - Argus - the price trunks Louis Vuitton

There is no fixed price, argus or price per m2 as in real estate.


The price is a function of many factors that we will try to enumerate.

We regularly receive trunk or suitcase packages that are much higher than our shop price from individuals misled by an ad issued by a "joker" offering a trunk 10 times more expensive than the prices we charge. . It is important not to confuse sales price displayed and price sold, because any seller is free to display the price he dreams of getting.

Baggage mark

Baggage mark louis vuitton collection trunks suitcase

Only the brands Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat, in the United States have a collection value.


The absence of a marking on the trunk sign the non-belonging of your property to one of these 3 marks.


The anonymous trunks type:

  • At the beginning
  • Poultry
  • Walkers
  • Other brands in checkerboard


Can be perfect for decoration but have no collection value.


Their prices are very low and rarely exceed 500 euros for the most beautiful models because of the low reputation of their manufacturer and their lower quality.


These brands, which are strongly inspired by the design of luxury trunks, are particularly interesting for those who dream of owning an old Louis Vuitton trunk without having the means to do so.



The condition of the luggage

The condition of the luggage Louis Vuitton trunks

This is one of the key factors, the more the restoration work necessary to find the original condition is consequent, the more the price will be low: 

  • Damaged leather
  • Torn canvas
  • Bad smell
  • Stained capiton
  • Broken lock
  • etc.

For this reason the same Louis Vuitton trunk can be worth between 300 and 2000 euros depending on its condition. A restoration costs from 1 500 euros for a simple cleaning to more than 9 000 euros for a major restoration as in the case of this trunk wardrobe.


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Previous restoration

Previous restoration Louis Vuitton trunks

When it is perfectly executed in accordance with the know-how of the trunk and the original condition of the luggage a restoration is a real added value for a trunk. Unfortunately in 95% of cases it is badly conducted and requires a second intervention, causing a greater workload and therefore an additional cost for an aesthetic result that will remain less than that of a first restoration conducted according to the rules of the 'art.


In some cases the trunk loses all value, it is the case of a trunk whose painting would have been repainted.


Other haircuts:

  • Brushed brass
  • Partially repainted canvas
  • Replacement parts
  • Stable stables strips


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The dimensions

The dimensions malle a fleur Louis Vuitton



Except for some special cases like the flower trunk, the rule is rather simple and logical:


The bigger the trunk, the more expensive it is.

Value after finishing (series):


The finish also called (series) represents the different qualities of Louis Vuitton trunks, in other words the choice of materials that dress the trunk.


The more brass, the more luxurious it is and so expensive. Steel (tinplate) contrario will lower the price of luggage

Value after finishing
Finishing  Serie Rating out of 10
Explorateur Metal 10/10
Leather and Brass   9/10
Lozine clear 1 8/10
Lozine dark 2 7/10
Moresque superior 3 7/10
All leather cow 6/10
Vuittonite Color Vuittonite 5/10
Moresque 4 5/10
Vuittonite Black 6 4/10
Inférior 5 2/10
Brute   1/10

Coating - canvas - Mark

mark canvas Louis Vuitton trunks

As written in the previous paragraph the nature of the finishes has a strong impact on the value of the luggage.


The coating of the canvas has even more.


The most rare and sought-after coatings are those of aluminum explorer trunks, but these are pieces

exceptional very rare.


Concerning the most popular coated canvas are those featuring the famous Louis Vuitton monogram as well as the old checkered canvas.

The production processes of the canvases and the modes that have evolved over the centuries, specialists are able to use characteristics such as typography or the materials used to estimate the year of production.


Every visible evolution allows us to identify editions that we call MARK.


Some are more sought after than others but this parameter has a rather low impact on the trunk's selling price. Many collectors like to own a trunk of each Mark in order to have a complete representative collection of the Louis Vuitton range:


  • A duller 5 mark canvas is less valuable than a Mark 1 canvas
  • A LV stencil fabric is more sought after and is worth three times more expensive than a trunk with LV PVC fabric.


Everything is a matter of personal taste (the Chinese market demands trunks with a PVC canvas while the Western market is crazy about the history-laden canvas and patinated with stencil).


The trend we are currently seeing is the following (in the attached table we compare paintings that are in perfect condition): ark

Coating ranking - searched
  • LV Monogram
LV Monogram - Woven The most searched 1st
Monogram LV - Mark I 2nd
Monogram LV - Mark IV 3rd
Monogram LV - Mark II


Monogram LV - Mark VI 5th
Monogram LV - Mark III 6th
Monogram LV - Mark V 7th
Monogram LV - PVC The least sought 8eme
  • Other Canvas
Damier - T issé

The most searched 1st

Damier - Dark stencil Mark I 2nd
Damier - Mark II dark stencil 3rd
Damier - tropical stencil Mark I 4th
Checkerboard - tropical stencil Mark II 5th
Striped - brown and red 6th
Striped - brown and beige 7th
Gray - Trianon 8th
  • Leather
Elephant The most searched 1st
Crocodile 2nd
Reptile 3rd
Ostrich 4th
Pork 5th
calfskin 6th
  • Vuittonite - uni
Vuitonite (plain) - Red The most searched 1st
Vuittonite (plain) - Bordeaux / Green / beige 2nd
Vuittonite (uni) - Yellow 3rd
Vuittonite (uni) - Orange 4th
Vuittonite (uni) - Brown 5th
Vuittonite (uni) - Black The least rare 6th
  • Explorer

The rarest 1st

Copper 2nd
Brass 3rd
Zinc 4th

Rarity of the model:

Rarity of the model


Value is a function of demand, which itself depends on scarcity. But a very rare trunk is not necessarily very expensive, collection and financial values can be decorrelated.


But there are as many special cases as there are trunks to study, for example:

  •  In general, a special order is more sought after than a standard trunk.
  • very rare black trunk will have less value than a standard trunk with a monogram canvas.
  • A mail Louis Vuitton trunk with a domed lid will have no value.
  • The more drawers and interior fittings, the higher the price.


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The year of the trunk

the year of the trunks Louis Vuitton

TThe date of manufacture has only a very small impact on the value of a Louis Vuitton trunk.


The antiquity of the trunk does not necessarily increase its value, it is even the opposite:


  •  Trianon gray trunk of 1870 will have an archaic construction and therefore less valuable than a trunk of 1910 more accomplished and respecting the standards and image of the brand.
  • On the other hand, a 1910 trunk is more valuable than a modern PVC trunk of today.


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Buy a Louis Vuitton trunk

Buy a Louis Vuitton trunk

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Our customers have the possibility to send us pictures of trunks that they wish to acquire (seen at confreres, in the auction room, etc.) in order to benefit from a responsive consulting service to allow them to constitute a prestigious collection of quality.


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