Restoration of canvas coated with trunks

Canvas Vuittonite Goyardine Moynat

Edmond Goyard   -   Louis Vuitton   -   Pauline Moynat


Restoration of a canvas Vuittonite orange malle vuitton 1910 simple cleaning
Cleaning Orange Vuittonite Canvas


The manufacturers of trunk have not ceased to evolve their coated canvases.


United, checkerboard, monogram, these paintings evolved well between 1858 and today.

Despite their very similar appearance, they have little to do with the vestiges of the past. Each generation of canvas is different, the restoration process is specific to each canvas according to its time.


This article will not reveal the secrets of restoration, but will give a foretaste of the interest that there is call to the workshops malle2luxe to give life to a piece of luggage.

 Do not attempt to restore a canvas yourself at the risk of irreversible damage to your trunk.

Cleaning of Canvas coated with vintage trunk

Vuittonite orange yellow malle vuitton cleaning canvas depollution
Remove pollution yellow Vuittonite


Remove pollution & Restoration:


During these steps, the dirt, pollution and dirt deposited on the work will be removed, eliminated in full according to the condition of the canvas and previous restorations.


It is a very delicate operation involving solvents in liquid phase or in the form of gel which, if badly chosen, could impair the integrity of the canvas.


Preliminary analysis and tests are therefore necessary to determine the appropriate type of product and its possible dilution so as not to attack the pictorial layer.

Cleaning a Tropical Checkerboard Canvas L. Vuitton
Cleaning a Tropical Checkerboard Canvas L. Vuitton


This work is done millimeter after millimeter, it is a work of patience.



It is important to never apply so-called "insulated" products to the canvas.


Whether it is varnish, oil, wax, these products will shine on the moment (and again), but in the long run it is an unrecoverable catastrophe.


These products trap all the dirt, thus preventing a restoration of the original fabric.


Partial or total repainting is also inappropriate!

Atelier nettoyage des toiles anciennes de malle



Louis Vuitton

Trianon Gray Canvas Cleaning


Of the 1880s


Louis Vuitton

Mark I Canvas Restoration Mark I.


Of the 1889s



Louis Vuitton

Canvas cleaning

Mark II


Of the 1895s




 Louis Vuitton

Purification of plain woven fabric


Of the 1898s





Malle Goyard


Restoration of the iconic canvas

Goyardine with chevron


From the 1900s


Louis Vuitton

Clear canvas dust removal Mark II


From the 1900s


Louis Vuitton

Monogram Canvas Woven / Embroidered


Of the 1900s




Resumption of structure

And scraping the canvas

Goyardine with chevron


From the years 1910



Louis Vuitton

Embellishment of stencil

canvas LV Mark I


Of the 1910s.


Louis Vuitton

Mark II canvas restoration Mark II.


This trunk was painted with paint during the war to escape with discretion.


Stripping to find the original canvas

Of the 1895s


Louis Vuitton

LV Mark II Stencil Cleaning


From the years 1908


Repair of blister on old Louis Vuitton canvas


From the years 1908

Louis Vuitton

Embellished by removal of the burrs Mark V


Of the 1940s


It is the original fabric that has been glued and cleaned.



 Louis Vuitton

Removing impurities on modern PVC canvas Louis vuitton


Of the 1980s


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