Restoration of trunk interiors

Woven fabric, old canvas, stained canvas

Cabin trunk vuitton







On this 1912 Vuitton cabine trunk,


The inside is stained, the canvas blistered, and a damp smell, so let's fully restore the interior.



inside trunk vuitton



Step 1 - Taking off the canvas :


Carefully take off the existing fabric.

old trunk luxury


Step 2 - Reinforcement:


Laying of reinforcing fabric to solidify the wood.





Step 3 - Fine cloth:


Laying a fine cloth before the fabric, preventing the perspiration of nails and rivets.



Step 3 - Tracing the new canvas:



Draw and cut the new canvas.


Step 4 - Bonding:


Collage of the new canvas, it must be sheathed to the wood and take the less corners.


Gluing in full (over the entire surface).

perfect condition cabin trunk louis vuitton



The trunk is finished restoration


Restoration of the capiton trunk

Cushioning is an important part of an old trunk interior.

This luxurious interior comforts when you open your trunk, it is very fragile and is often to be restored.



Definition: Upholstery is a padded upholstery, punctured in several places. Each stitch is marked with a brass nail.



At Vuitton, there are several types of capiton, the first in 1878 had "plum" color ribbons. Then white ribbons.



The following capitals have changed little between the beginning of 1900 and today.


They are found both at Louis Vuitton and at Goyard.



Step 1 - Geometric Tracing:


The rigor of the layout is essential if a satisfactory result is to be achieved.



Step 2 - Padding:


Implementation of a natural cotton padding, the thickness must be regular in order to guarantee a uniform fit

Step 3 - Interlining:


The fabric used is a 100% cotton canvas, satin with a very tight weave just like that used more than 100 years ago.




Step 4 - Capitonnage:


100% cotton ribbons are applied




Good to know :

The secret of a successful capiton is the volume of generosity.

Our latest trunk interior restorations:



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