Restoring a vanity Louis Vuitton

Leather epi


This Vanity of the 1970s suffered a cat attack, spectacular ...


Claw-strokes, stains of urine ... the leather is totally devastated, unrecoverable.


The lock was also broken.


We will only deal with outdoor catering in this article:


Step 1 - Disassembly:


Dismantling of this Vanity to replace the leather.

It is a tedious job because the leather is very well glued.

Each nail must be disassembled carefully to be rested during reassembly.

Step 2 - Choice of leather:


Leather EPI is a Vuitton exclusive. So we used a similar leather, but not leather epi.


However, it has a similar long grain.


Our choice was based on a very high-end leather, cognac color.

It is a full grain leather, vegetable tanning and aniline, tinted by hand.


Step 3 - Cutting and trimming:


The leather is a natural product and full flower (therefore untouched) it has certain defects, we calepinons the skin to cut out all the parts necessary to the realization of the Vanity while respecting the colors.


The pieces of leather are then trimmed in order to thin the ends of the leather, work long but indispensable


Step 4 - Bonding and Wrapping:


Face to face:


Gluing of leather parts with a brush.

This is the most interesting and exciting part.


It will then have to wrap the leather so that it perfectly follows the forms of the suitcase.

We will take care to "wrap" the leather, so that it perfectly espouses all the nooks of our Vanity.


This work is very long and very meticulous.

Step 5 - Fabrication of Leather Corners:


The edges or angles are made of cowhide leather.


Part of the Cow: Croupon

This is the best part of leather:

Dense, firm and of regular thickness, it is used to manufacture high-end items.


Vegetable tanning, full grain, first choice, thickness from 2.8 to 3.0 mm

Step 6 - Tint:


The natural color of the leather being a very light beige, we will have to dye it, it is a very complex stage.

We have to do a "hue search".


This step involves mixing red, yellow and black.






Step 7 - Installing the angles:


After dyeing the edges, we nail them with brass tips that will be matted, in order to make the luggage waterproof.



Step 8 - Install Hardware:


All hardware stores are cleaned and polished mirror.



Step 9 - Leather Corners:


Manufacture of corners identical.


Our efforts and perseverance have given a second life to this magnificent Vanity

After hours of work and a lot of know-how.