Restoration of a Louis Vuitton hat suitcase

Stencil Canvas Of the 1930s

Louis Vuitton trunk paris 1930 very rare collection collector restoration


This suitcase has arrived to us in a pitiful state.


It dates back to the 1930s.


Moisture had invaded it, mushrooms and a nauseating smell was imprisoned in this large suitcase reputed to be waterproof.


Interior moldy, exterior detached, blistered, tarnished, blocked lock whose opening had been forced.


It was a real challenge to tackle a baggage in this state.

Used louis vuitton hat box


Step 1 - Louis Vuitton Lock:


The restoration of the lock, is a real work of watchmaking and after a few hours of work, it resumes life, the lock re-works! Like any mechanism, it is really magical to revive the movement.

Canvas stencil louis vuitton 1930 mark 5


Step 2 - Exterior coated fabric:


The exterior fabric, completely cracked gives it an exceptional relief.


Despite everything, we chose to restore it to give it more beauty without erasing its history.

Louis Vuitton suitcase suitcase 1934 canvas cleaned and glued



The entire canvas had to be peeled off, cleaned and glued, polished brass and lozin cleaned.

Vuitton luxury trunk inside linen canvas.


Step 3 - Inside Canvas:


Restoration of the old linen linen interior. Suitcase equipped with a small, very clever interior design that offers one or two storeys of storage. Ideal for the big hat of Madame or its two hats or the caps of Monsieur.

The adjustable shelf is Vuitton ribbon.


The suitcase could be used for horse races, picnics, Sunday outings ... or just for transatlantic cruises.


This luggage is ready to pick up the road, or rest in an elegant lounge.


This suitcase will be sold at auction, in a sales hall in Munich, the final price exceeds the estimate of the auctioneer.