Restoration secretary trunk Louis Vuitton







For every new trunk has its share of inconvenience and defeat, which is seen as insurmountable. Like challenges. This restoration required 175 hours of work.




We share with you, through this small article, our experience and our passion in the fascinating world of travel trunks.





This Louis Vuitton trunk of 1915 came to us from Spain with the crackled leather, crumbling under our fingers.


Mushrooms stain the inner canvas.



This trunk is a good demonstration and a good exercise of know-how Malle2luxe workshops, specialty in restoration of old trunks and collection Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat, Hermes.

Serial number




Thanks to the serial number and the archives of the Louis Vuitton heritage department we have been able to date this trunk from 1915.

Cleaning the canvas



The canvas was very dirty and covered with dozens of hotel labels, hardly legible, proving its many transatlantic crossings of its former owner.


We are fighting against the "repaints" used by bad restaurateurs. This canvas has only been cleaned.



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Leather is a living material, which hates moisture and heat. The belts of the luggage are totally cracked.


We removed the belt to replace the cracked leather with a new cowhide leather.



After the restoration.


Methods and gestures have not changed.