Old trunk restoration workshop - Xylophene treatment

Trianon Trunk Louis Vuitton




Under its very healthy appearance, this trunk has reserved for us bad surprises and fears.


This Trianon gray trunk was stored in a damp room.

The underside was totally eaten, which is however classic on a trunk of more than 120 years.


By removing the trunk we saw hundreds of insects swarming in the wood, which gave us cold sweats!


These are weevils of wood, whose larvae eat wood. These insects love moist, even rotting, wood to lay their eggs there.

It is not an insect as dangerous as the termite, the capricorn, or the spin. However, it is necessary to get rid of it as quickly as each passing day condemns a little more this trunk.



The adults are 1.5 to 5 mm long.

The weevils are reddish brown to black. They have a long rostrum, a cylindrical body, and short legs.

The larva is cream-white, C-shaped, wrinkled and without a paw.



The female lays her eggs individually in specially hollowed holes. They are shiny, white, supple and flattened at one end. They hatch in 16 days.

The larva digs tunnels in the wood for six months to a year. They nest near the surface for two to three weeks.

The adults emerge in the summer digging in the wood, leaving behind exit holes. Adults can live up to one year.



Its damage is associated with decaying moist wood, particularly timber already attacked by the polyporus fungus. The infestations can then extend to adjacent healthy wood.



We therefore removed, in EMERGENCY, the rotting woods infested with larvae and insects.


In order to be able to apply the treatment properly, the interior must be completely dismantled to have access to the raw wood.


Replacement of cut timber removed and restoration of trunk floor.




The use of these products is toxic

On the market there are a number of curative and preventive xylophene treatment in the form of gel, liquid or aerosol can.

These chemical treatments ensure active protection for the next 25 years.

Before after restoring this trunk trianon louis vuitton.

After restore trunk trianon :