Trunk Leather Goyard

Cow leather

This Goyard trunk from the 1900s / 1910s suffered the marks of time due to poor storage.


Leather stained, dry, cracked areas, attacked by moisture and missing parts. A nauseating odor emanates from the leather impregnated with the smell of the cigar of the former owner.


There are two schools, the first for hackers will consist of hiding misery in order to make the whole drinkable, but remains DIY. The second much more complex and important will consist in the replacement of the damaged leather, identically. This second school is not improvised and requires a real know-how. This article will enlighten you.

Despite its leathers, this trunk is very healthy and the cloth, even if very dirty, suggested to us that a restoration would sublimate it.


The program of this restoration:

- Cleaning the fabric

- Leather restoration

- Polishing brass


This article will only talk about the restoration of leather

Step 1 - Disassembly:


Disassembly of this trunk to replace the leather.


Each nail must be disassembled carefully to be rested during reassembly.

Step 2 - Cleaning Hardware:


Cleaning and polishing brass elements.

Either more than 4,000 nails by hand one by one.

Step 3 - Choice of leather:


The leather on this trunk was cowhide leather.


We have therefore selected first choice cowhide leather, full flower, 100% vegetable tanning, French production. It is an expensive product to buy but it is the most approachable with the existing one.




Step 4 - Cutting:


We have cut all the strips to the exact width of the existing one required for the project of this trunk.



Step 5 - Slicing:


Slicing consists of

Cut in the thickness of the leather.

Step 6 - trimming:


Paring leather consists of regularly thinning one or more of its edges to facilitate folding and guarantee a perfect finish.

Step 7 - Hot Marking:


As part of this restoration of Goyard and in order to be the most faithful to the existing

We had a hot stamping tool manufactured.

Step 8 - Rivets Nailing:


After finishing on our leather shores, we nailed them. Mate they are the guarantee of a waterproof luggage.



Step 9 - Reassembly of Hardware:

We take advantage that all the hardware stores are deposited to clean and polish them before reassembling.

Before and after restoration