How to recognize a louis vuitton counterfeit

True or false bag belts and Louis Vuitton suitcase?



Counterfeiting is a violation of an intellectual property right by the act of reproducing or imitating something without the right to do so, or by asserting or presuming that the copy is authentic. The notion of counterfeiting often has a pejorative connotation, implying something of poor quality.

fake counterfeiting louis vuitton

Recognize a Louis Vuitton counterfeit of Bag, Suitcase, Leather Goods, Trunk, luggage ...

These luggage are so copied that we always have an apprehension when we see a second-hand sale.

Buying directly from Vuitton is of course always possible, this guaranteeing the authenticity of the product. But for collectors of old pieces patinated by years, this becomes more complicated.


This article aims to give some tips to not be wrong by buying cheaper from the authentic ...


Of course, we must avoid new items, wrapped in plastic, cheap, see sales, because Louis Vuitton never makes sales.


Counterfeiting is such that paid authentication sites have come into being to help you buy the right product.

Check the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton bag, suitcase or trunk

11 rules to check before buying a used Louis Vuitton item

Rule No. 1: Does the model exist there?


The question can make smile but many counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags are models whose design does not exist.


For example, the Louis Vuitton cap: this product was never found in the Vuitton catalog.


100% of Louis Vuitton caps are therefore counterfeit.


It is therefore necessary to determine the model that is in the hands.

fake bag louis vuitton guide

Rule No. 2: Canvas LV centered


The fabric is centered in height and width, the lines that form the pattern are parallel to the shores of the luggage. Luggage, bags, suitcases, even small items such as key rings are sized according to the requirements.

original bag keepall louis vuitton

Rule No. 3: Louis Vuitton canvas not cut


At the ends of the bag the LV patterns are not cut, or very rarely. Only flowers can be.

original bag keepall louis vuitton

Rule No. 4: Continuity of pattern


When a wall is composed of several overlapping elements (eg a flap). The patterns must extend or overlap with the alignment and sense of the pattern.

authenic louis vuitton handbag

Rule No. 5: Quality of seams


When a wall is composed of several overlapping elements (eg a flap). The patterns must extend or overlap with the alignment and sense of the pattern.

Authentique Louis Vuitton bag

Rule No. 6: Natural vegetable cow leather


The Leather Vuitton is made of vegetal tanning (VVN), it oxidizes with UV and the time passing from a very light beige becomes a caramel brown after several years, it is a very nice patina.


The fake bag is often plastic type skaï, so no patina.

vegetable leather louis vuitton authentique bag

Rule No. 7: Jewelery & Hardware


Each nail, rivet, Louis Vuitton buckle is stamped Louis Vuitton


Except small diameters and tips holding lozine.


These jewelery and hardware are made of gilded brass.

real brass louis vuitton bag fake

Rule No. 8: Canvas Louis Vuitton LV


Concerning the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, there have been several fabrications,

- Woven from 1896

- Painted with stencil in 1904

Then from 1959 a coated canvas (corresponding to a skai printed PVC canvas)


On closer inspection, it can be seen that the printing is not continuous. The patterns are printed with an oblique pattern that leaves small strokes.

Canvas louis vuitton trunk

Rule No. 9: Serial number


The serial number is also a means of checking the authenticity of a bag.


Before 1980: no codes or letters only the provenance


Between 1980 and 1990: three-digit code and two standard letters:



From 1990 it was set up.


The serial number stamped on leather or on the inside guarantees a certain authenticity.


It allows to indicate the plant, the week and the year of manufacture, it is usually composed of two letters and four digits.





The 2 letters indicate the factory and therefore the country of manufacture.


La France: . A0, A1, A2, AA, AN, AR, AO, AS, AI, CA, BA, BU, CA, MX, NO, ND, OS, OR, RA, SD, SL, SN, SP, SR, TH, VI, VR, VX etc.


Italy: SA (is generally used for shoes), BO, MA, RO ...


Switzerland: TC, TO, FA, DI (Manufacture of metal products for Vuitton (lock ...))


Spain: CA (Leather EPI Vuitton) LM.LO.MO (M-color)




The 2nd and 4th digits give the year of manufacture


The 1st and 3rd digits give the week of manufacture



TH 3162 = France 36th week of the year 2012

AR 4048 = France 44th week of the year 2008

FL 0031 = France 3rd week of the year 2001

authentique serial number louis vuitton bag and trunks
secret number serial louis vuitton fake

Rule No. 10: Compare with official Louis Vuitton website


If your product is still in the catalog, it is also possible to simply check the positioning of the canvas on the bag or luggage with the photos of the official Louis Vuitton website.


All Vuitton bags have a unique positioning of the Vuitton canvas.

official website louis vuitton

Rule No. 11: Customer Service Louis Vuitton


In case of doubt you can go to a Vuitton shop to have the product authenticated or contact customer service free of charge.


To help you and ensure you do not buy a fake Louis Vuitton bag: Contact Louis Vuitton Customer Service 

customer service louis vuitton

Video :

Warning: Attractive ad

Fake vanity and rigid luggage Louis Vuitton counterfeit

Attention to the site between private (ebay, Leboncoin .. etc)


On small ad sites between particular, each year thousands of bags, suitcases, vanity and counterfeit trunks are offered for sale.


Example with this announcement of a Louis Vuitton Bisten suitcase.


fake suitcase louis vuitton alzer bisten
fake louis vuitton

Other counterfeit Louis Vuitton old luggage

vanity Louis Vuitton






The Vanity Case, a flask box, is one of Louis Vuitton's most copied rigid items.

Example of an authentic Louis Vuitton vanity.

The design has not changed since its creation.

Always a central lock and two clasps on the sides.

The lozine is nailed ...


Another example of a faux vanity Louis Vuitton for sale on the internet

Everything is false.


Non-centered pattern, cut logo, unmarked nails ... 


Made in Morocco


super fake louis vuitton vanity

Vanity fake louis vuitton
fake vanity louis vuitton
fake suitcase Louis vuitton


An example of a counterfeit on an American non-old trunk site


Louis Vuitton counterfeit from A to Z.


Canvas, lozine, brass corners, nail. Everything is false.


fake trunk louis vuitton

fake supreme vuitton trunk




Louis Vuitton Supreme suitcase.


More and more fake Louis Vuitton rigid luggage is manufactured.

Quality of brass polishing:

We give you all the tips to recognize a good polishing brasses, 3 minutes video to enlighten you

True old trunk, counterfeit Louis Vuitton canvas

counterfeit Louis Vuitton canvas




Much more dangerous, on a real old trunk, the canvas was replaced by a false canvas Louis vuitton.


Difficult to detect this kind of scam for an untrained eye.

fake canvas damier Vuitton trunk


Expert tip:

Check the regularity of the grains forming the checkerboard or logos LV, flowers, and rhombus.

The color, example on this photo the checkerboard was never red.


Contrefaçon Louis Vuitton : Version Française