how to opening a Louis Vuitton lockable lock while locked

old vuitton lock trunk close




When our client brought us his trunk Louis Vuitton, he was desperate. Indeed he had locked it several months ago and had lost this one ...


A classic !


Of course it would be easy to remove the rivets to open the lock, but our mission: to open it without weapon or violence



A lock deemed impeccable:

old key louis vuitton trunk

It is in 1890 that Georges Vuitton, son and successor of Louis Vuitton, develops the lock with 5 gorges, reputed incrochetable.


Each lock has an individual number for each customer, which allows the customer to open all his luggage with the same key.


The lock number is unrelated to the serial number inside the luggage, which is specific to each piece of luggage.


There are as many different keys as there are locks.


Today is still the same lock that equips the rigid luggage of the house Vuitton.

solid brass for trunk vuitton






Despite the promises of invulnerability of this legendary lock, we agree to meet the challenge.


Thanks to the unique lock number we determine the shape of the key.


So we started from a brass plate to shape our provisional key.

temporary key for luggage vuitton old trunk

Hand machining:


  • Cutting teeth with a saw



  • Adjustment with the file.
make a key vuitton trunk



It only remains to try the key.


She opens the lock effortlessly to the delight of its owner.




Challenge raised hands down, all without weapons or violence ...

Youtube video how to open a closed Louis Vuitton trunk: