Placing your money in buying a luxury trunk

Investing in works of art

trunk Vuitton price euros

Painting, sculpture, furniture design, watches or luxury trunk Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat, Hermes ... constitute "fun shopping" very profitable.


And a few thousand euros can be enough to provide high quality trunks, and thus constitute a very good investment.


Conversely an expenditure (purchase of a new car with constant discount), investing in art can be a passion and an effective way to invest your money and when blow to easily sell this investment.


The advantage is that there's something for every budget: small savers, pensioners, persons liable to the ISF.


The art market has never been better in times of crisis and becomes a safe haven for investors seeking diversification.

The question is how well buy without mistake ...

Above all it must be fun buying a trunk that you like, so therefore focus on heart stroke purchases, it requires patience and often passion.

la malle en coin Vuitton

Also favor trunks in perfect condition and origin.


Discounts are:

- Wear

- Parts damaged

- Leather Crackle / Black


The elements that condemn a trunk:

- A canvas painted pattern or background

- Poor food


Buy auction house or in an art dealers (brokers, antique shops, galleries, restaurants, etc.) guaranteed the authenticity of the trunk.

invest money trunk Vuitton old

Main risk for the buyer of an object of art, pay a disproportionate price compared to the actual value of the property, buy a fake, so it is important to learn as much as possible.



- Little volatile market (+ 5 to 12% per year over 20 years).

- Global market.

- Heritage Market like gold and real estate.



Conclusion: TREAT YOURSELF these trunks are superb in decoration


From a tax point of view in France:

If you are subject to tax on wealth (ISF), you will not have to declare your works of art that are excluded from this tax.

Malle2luxe offers high quality pieces that aim to join the passion for collecting placement.