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To travel, to fly ...

1898 - Georges and Josephine Vuitton, with their son Gaston and twins Jean and Pierre
1898 - Georges and Josephine Vuitton, with their son Gaston and twins Jean and Pierre


From time immemorial, men imagine more or less realistically, like Leonardo da Vinci, what could be the flying machine of tomorrow.


From the end of the 18th century, it was the beginning of airplanes and the conquest of the air with the first attempts at gliding.


Airmen are then most often, designers and adventurers.


The Vuitton family participated in this new great adventure on several levels:


Luggage of course, and we will come back to it, but what is less known is that it has developed 3 prototypes of helicopter - airplane named:

Helicopter designed by Jean and Pierre Vuitton in 1908, built in 1909 - Vuitton-Hubert
Helicopter designed by Jean and Pierre Vuitton in 1908, built in 1909 - Vuitton-Hubert

         Vuitton-Hubert               Vuitton II               Vuitton III


This project was led by twins Pierre and Jean Vuitton, grandsons of Louis and son of Georges, who were then only 20 years old.


They annexed a corner of the family garden to build a workshop and build their prototypes day and night.


Jean Vuitton died, suffering from a lightning illness on September 22, 1909, two months after the air show where the Vuitton-Hubert was exhibited.


His twin Pierre, inconsolable, throws himself into the work and builds the other two prototypes.


The Vuitton III will be exhibited at the 1910 Air Show.


Everything suggests that the Vuitton-Hubert and Vuitton II helicopters never took off.

Pair of louis vuitton hot air balloon trunk
Pair of louis vuitton hot air balloon trunk

But it is irrefutable that at their level they participated in this tremendous conquest of the air.


In 1908 Georges Vuitton officially proposes an unsinkable trunk project, the Aero trunk.


Designating a trunk that can be attached to the balloon of a balloon, and according to the description of the catalog of 1910, it ensured:


The buoyancy of nacelles in case of fall at sea. Closure rigorously sealed.


First World War


Only a few years after the first flight, this period sees the appearance of a new weapon on the battlefield. We go suddenly to a mass production, some aircraft models being even built to more than a thousand copies.


Pierre Vuitton the last twin is called to make war, he will be killed by an enemy bullet on September 28, 1917.


The end of the First World War brought a surplus of pilots and aircraft to market. Military aviation is pushing automakers to break new records. The progress of civil aviation is a fallout from military studies.

Paris Air Show 1920
Paris Air Show 1920

All these new conditions allow the launch of commercial air transport and, first and foremost, that of the courier, then the commercial airlines multiply. There were already thirty or so lines in Europe.






In 1920 at the 5th Aerospace Exhibition held at the Grand Palais de Paris,


the Aero trunk is now the name of an extra lightweight trunk for men.


Full, it weighs only 26 kilos, it was designed and studied for air travel, it is one of the lightest historical trunks in the catalog of the house, specifically designed to avoid excess weight in plane.

aviette malle aéro trunk louis vuitton old new york city

Why pay for excess luggage when there are wonderful trunks that, full, do not weigh 30 kilos?


The Aero trunk can contain:

  • 2 suits or clothes
  • 1 overcoat
  • 10 day shirts
  • 3 nightgowns
  • 3 boxer shorts
  • 3 vests
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 12 handkerchiefs
  • 1 to 2 hats
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 18 fake collars
  • ties
  • gloves

The Aviette, as for it is the name given to the model of trunk resolutely feminine since it can contain hats, linen, veils, fans, stockings, skirts ....

trunk rare louis vuitton malle de luxe

In a provocative and very fine advertisement, as Vuitton House knew, it reads:


Travel equipment is the indispensable trunk, buy it today, to have it tomorrow, when you will suddenly have to leave, and already regret not having had it yesterday ...


The Aero and Aviette trunks were produced in different qualities, more or less luxurious and different exteriors.



However the counterpart of these trunks very light is that they are very fragile.All those that we had and saw was very damaged because not robust compared to the heavier classic cabin trunks.

Vintage advertising

Some examples of trunk to travel by plane

trunk aéro louis vuitton 1921


Louis Vuitton Aero Trunk - LV


Year: 1921


Exterior: Black Vuittonite Canvas


Border: lozine


Corners and hardware: black lacquered steel


Interior: beige canvas



Dimensions: 34 cm x 47 cm x 82 cm

aero trunk vuitton

Aero trunk Louis Vuitton - LV


Year: 1925


Exterior: LV Mark2 Canvas


Border: lozine


Coins: leather


Interior: beige canvas


Dimensions: 34 cm x 53 cm x 93 cm