Painted trunk Louis Vuitton

trunk damier courrier louis vuitton old


We will tell you an incredible story. That of a customer who possessed a treasure without knowing it.


He entrusted us with this old Louis Vuitton trunk for a restoration. It was entirely painted in brown to hide the prestigious Louis Vuitton damier canvas.


This technique was common during the various wars where wealthy families were fleeing by taking their luggage. And for the sake of discretion, painted their Louis Vuitton trunks in black or brown.

The challenge of this restoration was of great magnitude, almost lost in advance. Stripping a painted trunk is indeed practically impossible.


After several days of work and perseverance, the result is fabulous! The intact trunk that hid underneath was exceptional. A checker mallet, leather trim, corners and brass hardware.

Before / After restore trunk Louis Vuitton