Maintenance guide for the breasts of a luxury trunk

Care of the breasts to keep beautiful reflections

perfect polish brass



After buying your trunk you will find that the brass is tarnished.


The oxidation of brass is unavoidable, it will inevitably brown. There is no trick to keep the brass of your trunks gilded forever.


The only remedy for preserving golden brass is to polish it regularly with the right product.


Professional brass maintenance kit:


We recommend use every 5 to 8 months

Does not work on:


  • A brass with more than 5 years of oxidation.
  • Brass passed under acid
  • Brass striped with a brush, sandpaper or poorly polished

Video user guide:

Recognize a brass:

Laiton poli d'origine

Natural oxidation

Brushed brass

Brushed and polished brass


Miror's stain

Perfectly polished:

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