New record in Louis Vuitton aluminum trunk sales hall

Result of the sale


The result of this sale is up to the rarity of this trunk Louis Vuitton aluminum.

This is a world record never reached in the auction room for a Louis Vuitton trunk, the last was at Gros et delettrez in drouot in 2016.


New record in Louis Vuitton aluminum trunk sales hall christie's

Christie's December 12, 2018



Lot 229

Rare, aluminum explore trunk

Louis Vuitton, 1892

Dimension: 75 x 43 x 42 cm




56,000 - 112,000 euros

50,000 - 100,000 pounds sterling



Result of the sale:

180 895 euros

£ 162,500

Our complete file:

Louis Vuitton Explorer trunk


It's not an ordinary Louis Vuitton trunk, nor a classic explorer trunk of zinc, leather or brass that is in itself exceptional, but an aluminum explorer trunk! A world apart ... GRAAL

Matthew Rubinger - christie's trunk vuitton
Matthew Rubinger - christie's


The production of aluminum-clad trunks is not a myth, it is the ultimate chic for explorers, combining new technology and French know-how.


As we unveiled in our January 2018 article:


Aluminum is in 1892 a leading technology comparable to titanium today. A new material with revolutionary properties of white color such as silver, which does not oxidize, very light and malleable.


A few years ago aluminum was more expensive than gold, considered a precious material, it was made of jewelry, it was nicknamed "the white gold of Napoleon"!

Discover the history of Louis Vuitton aluminum trunks


Christie's, London can thank malle2luxe for providing the elements of this expertise. Indeed, their article "expert" is very strongly inspired by our original article. Even if it is flattering that one of the three largest auction houses in the world is documented here, we can regret not having been cited as a source ...

2012 - Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs - Decorative Arts trunk vuitton
2012 - Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs - Decorative Arts


However an inaccuracy persists in their article which states that there would be only two trunks in the world including the one for sale. Which is wrong.Indeed, two different aluminum cabin trunks have been exposed successively to the exhibitions:

  • Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacob

At the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris in 2012 (photo opposite).

We will find this same trunk exposed at The Gallery in Asnieres sur Seine in 2016.

2015  Voler  Voguer  Voyager aluminum trunk vuitton
2015 - Voler Voguer Voyager - Grand Palais Paris

At the Grand Palais in Paris in 2015

A second cabin trunk in aluminum lent by a private collector was exposed (photo opposite).

rarest Louis Vuitton trunk in the world aluminum trunk

There is also a Louis Vuitton full aluminum mail trunk with incredible dimensions that we had the privilege of restoring for a private collector.



Conclusion : To our knowledge there would be 4 Louis Vuitton aluminum trunks.

State Analysis

rarest Louis Vuitton trunk in the world bad condition

Nevertheless, this trunk Louis Vuitton is as HISTORIC as this Sale Christie's.



Object of all the fantasies of collectors of the world,



it's the first time that a Louis Vuitton full aluminum trunk is put up for auction!



Exceptional model, in its own juice.

bad condition trunk louis vuitton aluminum expert paris luxury trunk

However, we note:

  • The brass strap loop is not original.
  • The left brass handle is not original.
  • The woods of the outer battens are worm-eaten.
  • The right handle is twisted.

As for the identity of the buyer, he preferred to remain anonymous.




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