Remove varnish from an old Louis Vuitton trunk

canvas louis vuitton varnish trunk


When we were given this trunk Louis Vuitton from the United States, the visual shock was size.


A thick, glossy layer of varnish covered the canvas.


Unfortunately many Louis Vuitton luxury trunks of this provenance have been varnished during their lifetime.



These damages, proscribed in the world of the trunks of collection, are prejudicial to the value of the luggage and denature the trunk and its history by preventing any restoration.


It is almost impossible to remove varnish without attacking the stencil of the canvas, so old and fragile.


There are many types of varnishes, water-based, polyurethane-based, polyester-based ...


So many products that must be controlled.

old vuitton trunk restoration workshop in paris


Most varnishes are not reversible so it will be impossible to remove without damaging the original media.


But in our case after several tens of attempts we managed to remove 98% varnish of this trunk!


This trunk wardrobe is one of Louis Vuitton's largest luggage and has a surface area of almost 3 m2.

It took us several long days to get the full amount.


Under the varnish was imprisoned the dirt and pollution, which we had to remove also.


After cleaning the canvas the result was incredible: a canvas in perfect condition, a canvas Louis Vuitton Mark 5, often very dull, it was bright.

very beautiful trunk louis vuitton varnish after restoration trunk of luxury