Repair of two trunk clasps louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton Cabin Trunk

cabin trunk Louis Vuitton old very bad


When we received this beautiful old trunk Louis Vuitton.



A Louis Vuitton cabin model from the 1920s. We were immediately seduced by its size of 80 cm.



Unfortunately the brasses have been brushed , the lock made, and the two clasps completely broken!

very bad trunk brass Louis Vuitton cabin Paris
So we had to dismantle the clasps totally Louis Vuitton trunk


So we had to dismantle the clasps totally.



Then cut in a brass block , with the file we carve identically the damaged part.



This shaping is done by hand in a traditional way.It's the know-how of our workshops.

malle2luxe paris expert trunk vuitton
clasp old vuitton trunk

After polishing the result is perfect and it will be impossible to determine if the part is replaced because it respects the appearance, the materials and the original shape.



The rest of the elements is 100% original, it is a restoration in the rules of the art.

Before / After restoration

Louis Vuitton expertise trunk old
cabin trunk Louis Vuitton vintage decoration
the best restore Louis Vuitton trunk cabin
very rare trunk cabin perfect Louis Vuitton

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