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True or fake louis vuitton?


A whole art of recognizing a true bag, louis vuitton a fake. Does the serial number match the purchase invoice?

We help you discover all the secrets of the brand with the monogram.



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Purchase guide


Buy a trunk of luxury take notice of our expertise.


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Financial investment.



Place your money in a work of art, invest in a luxury trunk.



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When the trunk invites itself in our interiors, a living room, a dressing, a kitchen, a bedroom, an office.


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Canvas louis vuitton historic


What Mark for my LV trunk?


The Louis Vuitton fabric has not stopped evolving.

We have referenced and numbered all the canvases produced by the trunk, an overview of a canvas that has become mythical.



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Hotel Etiquette


These hotel labels cover the luggage of their owners, but discover the incredible history and secret languages.



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Old advertisement



Vintage advertisement Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat



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Follow our adventure, our restorations, our passion for old luggage.


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