Restoration of a Louis Vuitton cabin trunk

cabine trunk vuitton


This Louis Vuitton Cabin trunk from 1911 gave us a hard time.


His condition was for all "lost".


Many merchants would have torn to pieces because they would not have been able to restore this kind of trunks.


But at malle2luxe, we need more to discourage us:

bad inside trunk old vuitton scribe
  • Corrugated canvas
  • Oilcloth and clogged
  • Leather of the missing belt
  • Handles absent
  • Interior without upholstery or canvas
  • Highly oxidized brass


For some unknown reason and given the general condition, the former owner had put an anti rust "orange" visible on the pictures on the metal parts ... surprisingly careful.


However against all odds the original locker is present and in perfect condition.


After long hours of work, hard work, and without letting go, this trunk finds all its luxury of yesteryear.


As always, we restore without partial or complete repaint (which would depreciate the value of this trunk (shopping guide of a trunk of luxury) it is about a slag, and a restoration in the rules of l 'art.


French luxury is our most beautiful cultural showcase. No other country brings together so much know-how and diversity in excellence.


Malle2luxe works to protect French heritage.