Old hat trunk Goyard by malle2luxe

hat trunk goyard

The malle2luxe catering workshops are located in the heart of Paris.



The places being closed to the public we take advantage of the blog malle2luxe to make you discover our art, that of giving life to the objects of formerly, abandoned. Like that old hat trunk Goyard a flea dealer Saint Ouen entrusted to us.


The trunk was in very bad condition and unsaleable as is.


Our mission, to restore the elegance of yesteryear without distorting it.



Return it to its original state before its last trip, or if it had been kept dry and maintained by the house staff?

old trunk goyard

A cleaning of the canvas, just keep the patina of years spent traveling.




Luxury house Goyard:

Founded in 1845 The Goyard luxury house was a major manufacturer of the early 1900s rivaling Louis Vuitton even though production was lower in quantity. The standing and nobility of the clientele were the same, mingling sometimes.



Due to lower production, Goyard trunks are less present on the used market. Although their selling price is lower than that of a trunk Louis Vuitton, they are nonetheless popular with a well-informed public.

lady hat trunk louis vuitton goyard french style

We do not know a collector of trunks only Goyard, but rather collectors of Louis Vuitton trunks that embellish their collection of exceptional pieces Goyard or Moynat.



History of hat trunks:

This head covering has always been a must of fashion, and more from the 19th century, for men and women. It is then inconceivable to go out depicted or bareheaded to pass for a person of the lower people.


From 1900 born a real craze in women for bulky hats and very loaded. Adorned with ribbons, oversized feathers and floral composition (fresh or fabric) art nouveau style, it was to be matched with the outfit.


The transport of these luxury accessories that can not be compressed requires large trunks where they could be stored pinning them to the ribbon cage so as not to wrinkle them.

top trunk goyard


Damage due to bad storage :


  • fouling and soiling of surfaces
  • Oxidation of brass
  • Curled fabric
luxury trunk workshop in paris for old trunk

It's not a simple cleaning. This restoration requires a little more without being of great complexity for us who are accustomed to restoring the last chance. The result was up to our mastery of different trades.

luxury trunk workshop in paris for old trunk

The quality of our restorations is unequaled and the result of this one is once again the proof. The trunk has regained its chic, its luxury. Its patina, steeped in history invites us to imagine distant journeys, the trunk that protected the most beautiful hats of its rich customers, at a time when the headdress was an accessory reserved for an elite to shine in the eyes of the world.



And what better satisfaction than to see this merchant, happy to find his trunk metamorphosed. It did not hurt to sell this beautiful trunk Goyard, part in just a few days.

After restoration :

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