History of a Louis Vuitton mail trunk from Miami

luxury trunk Louis Vuitton


This is a new restoration that we present to you today.



To understand the world of the trunk collection , you have to measure the whole environment.



Almost all Louis Vuitton trunks, even the rarest, have been abandoned for a part of their life and many have suffered accidents: forced lock, unsuitable storage, humidity, repairs, bad restoration ...

lock trunk Louis Vuitton

This mail trunk was brought to us from Miami by airliner, and the least we can say is that repatriation from the new continent was an adventure on its own.


Imagine the surprise of travelers in the corridors of the flight terminals by seeing a trunk of this volume!



For the owners of the trunk, the purpose of this restoration was not only to have a prestigious object to decorate their home, but also a family object to pass on to future generations.

bad restore Louis Vuitton old trunk

In view of its state of advanced deterioration, they wanted us to entrust it to regain its original beauty and shine.



After careful examination of the trunk and following numerous discussions with the owners who wanted the most perfect restoration, we agreed to stay as faithful as possible to the original design and to erase all the bad restorations.




Here is the diagnosis of this trunk:

  • The lock was forced.
  • The clasps had been replaced by American steel models.


  • A latte on the top had been changed.
black trunk vuitton painted
  • At the back, slats had been added incorrectly.
  • Brass brackets had been replaced by steel models.
  • The interior had been reinforced by steel plates.

Customization - Initials

initials trunk old vintage vuitton


Louis Vuitton has been offering luggage customization for 150 years thanks to the following additions:

  • initials
  • Color bands, called stable bands
  • Coat of arms or logo

It was a way for customers to stand out and bring a touch of originality to their trunks, but it was also and above all a practical imperative.



Because at the time, we traveled with a dozen trunks per person and it was necessary to distinguish them from those of other travelers.



The personalization thus served mainly to recognize the trunks of the same owner.

trunk courrier mail vuitton


Exclusive services came to pick up the luggage from their owners and took care of all the logistics on the station platforms and in the ports, so that they would find their trunks at home on their arrival.



On our luggage, as on many trunks Louis Vuitton, we find a customization in the form of the initials FSM ., Circled in red.


The steps of a restoration in the rules of the art being numerous, we will tackle those which seem to us the most relevant for this article.

The canvas

As always, we used a sampling battery in one corner of each face to obtain the best result and to carry out the restoration protocol.

Checkered fabric Louis Vuitton mark2 trunk

Indeed, each canvas , each trunk is unique and requires a specific restoration work, adapted to its particularities. We never do the same restoration twice.



The most complex being the top of the trunk, it took us no less than 5 different products to overcome the damage!


We did not use paint of any kind, we only removed what was added.



Below a beautiful checkered fabric Mark 2 appears.


wood Louis Vuitton trunk


We replaced the non-original and the non-original wood with the same kind of wood (beech) and the same color as the original one. Also, we performed xylophene treatment on the original wood that was preserved.



This preventive conservation solution is used to kill insects and pests present, protecting the wood for the next 15 years.

Authentic Louis Vuitton clasps

claps Louis Vuitton trunk


We have one of the largest collections of authentic Louis Vuitton parts.



So we replaced the clasps that were not original by genuine Louis Vuitton parts of the same era.

Polishing brass

la malle en coin trunk vuitton


The brasses were very oxidized.



Each nail has been polished without attacking the adjoining canvas or leather.



The breasts are superb and give shine to the trunk.



We are not trying to replace original parts with new ones, but to sublimate existing genuine parts.

Inside the trunk

inside luxury trunk Louis Vuitton


The interior of the trunk will be repaired because the previous restorations had not been made in accordance with the artisanal techniques of Louis Vuitton, far from it. We will do the same thing again.



We stick the canvas directly on the wood and we remake the ribbon with the same gestures as before.



It is the know-how of the Parisian luggage makers.

Preservation and restoration of luxury trunks

luxury trunk Louis Vuitton


Malle2luxe workshops are specialized in the restoration of rare models, even if the state of deterioration is important.


It is for us a great satisfaction to have given a second youth to this beautiful checkerboard trunk .


Knowing that this family patrimony is restored to be preserved and then bequeathed makes us even more proud.



Happiness is not a destination to reach, but a way to travel.




Before - After: Restoration Louis Vuitton mail trunk

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