Restoration of a mail trunk Louis Vuitton varnished canvas and strips of paint

bad trunk mail louis vuitton la malle en coin

For several years Malle2luxe restores the heritage, defends the know-how and promotes French craftsmanship.


Associated with the greatest collectors and custodians of ancient baggage in the world, Malle2luxe also struggles by denouncing unscrupulous practices that harm collectors and

market of trunks.





This new louis vuitton trunk is another sad example:

bad trunk mail louis vuitton coin de malle
  • Counterfeit decorative stable band.
  • Painted initials
  • Canvas varnished.
  • Plastic handle.
  • Capiton damaged.
  • Brass striped by the previous restoration.
  • Putty and addition of synthetic resin.
  • etc.

The defects are numerous and seem to condemn this trunk Louis Vuitton Circa 1910.


Our job as restaurateur in old baggage and to return to the original state of the trunk before his last trip, 80 years ago.

Louis Vuitton Courier Trunk Restoration

 The varnish applied to the canvas trapped trunk louis vuitton


1st step :


The varnish applied to the canvas trapped all the dirt, the first step of our restoration was to remove the thick layer of varnish, then clean the stencil Mark II to remove accumulated dirt, pollution, grease ... during these last hundred years.


Centimeter after centimeter the canvas breathes and regains its original brightness.

Remove repaints from non-original decorative strips. trunk vuitton

2nd step:


Remove repaints from non-original decorative strips. These bands

added only to facilitate the sale, and create a whimsical story.

These decorative bands hide the defects of the canvas that the seller did not know how to restore.


We estimate that 70% of the stable gangs are counterfeit.


We were able to remove 85% of the repaints and restore the damaged canvas underneath.


Additions of polyester resin have also been removed.

the best of quality collection trunk vuitton old vintage


3rd step:


Restoration of deep-lined brasses.


The breasts completely slaughtered, deformed by the wire brush, had to be reworked in order to find flat and shiny surfaces, as during the last journey of the trunk.

very bad trunk vuitton

4th step:


Disassembly and replacement of plastic sewn machine handles.


The handles of leather trunks are often damaged. The technicality and price of a handful of the same quality encourage dealers and junk dealers to put low-cost handles, low quality leather and sewn machine, to increase their margin.


Indeed the original handles are sewn hand, saddle stitch in cowhide leather vegetable tanning high quality.


On this trunk the replacement handles were not even leather but plastic, rivets glued to the glue!


Beyond the dubious aesthetic side, and malicious practices it is a real value for the trunk.


So we made, adjusted the color of the leather to find the original aesthetic.

Removal of repaints trunk vuitton


5th step:


Removal of repaints.


The typography and shading of the initials painted by Louis Vuitton are very specific.


We were happy to be able to find under the repainting, the initials of origin in perfect state.


The red frame could be removed in full.

The capiton, just like the handles, is an element of wear


6th step:


The capiton, just like the handles, is an element of wear. It had been redone twice during his life, including once by Louis Vuitton.


So we had to dismantle the interior and redo it to the original. The materials and techniques have not changed.


The result is perfect.

Louis Vuitton Circa 1910 mail collection trunk - After restoration