Serial number and trunk label Louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton luxury trunk serial number

Old Louis Vuitton trunk label serial number

The unique number of each trunk is recorded on a sales book that coordinates the orders, manufactureand delivery of each trunk. From this number and the registers, we can date the purchase of each trunk, identify its owner. The lock numbers, identical to those of the keys, are also listed in specific registers.



Sales records collect all orders. They mention successively ahan date, order number, trunk number, designation (size, type finish), store, price code, customer name, date of delivery or payment. These registers are similar to the inventory books of museumcollections whose reading is lyrical in the bend of famous names and rare designations.

Old Louis Vuitton trunk label

Old Louis Vuitton trunk label trunk


The labels placed prominently at the opening of the luggage reproduce the main medals received by Louis Vuitton at art and industry exhibitions and provide information on the addresses of workshops and stores .



They are of all sizes, the large ones evoke frontispieces, the smallest ex-libris, but above all they serve as a support for the number of the trunk.



Unlike the lock number, each serial number is unique.

Address of the old Louis Vuitton boutique

Address of the old Louis Vuitton boutique

4 new rue des Capucines

Workshops in Asnières 

Installation 1 scribe street

London 289 Oxford Street

Moving London to 454 Strad Street

Moving to London at 149 New Bond Street

Nice - 4 garden Albert 1st

Lille - 34 rue Faidherbe

Champs Elysees - 70 Champs-Elysees 
Cannes - 10 rue des belges

Nice move to 12 avenue de Verdun 
Vichy - 1 Park Street 
78 bis Marceau 
1978 Japan



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Old Louis Vuitton trunk label

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