Louis Vuitton Chalkboard Trunk - A servant poured vermeer milk

Who is Vermeer?


Johannes or Jan Van der Meer says Vermeer or Vermeer from Delft

Born in Delft in 1632, is a Dutch Baroque painter.

Self-portrait Vermeer
Self-portrait Vermeer


In his day he was notorious for his brilliant mastery of light and for his domestic scenes of the middle class. Almost all his paintings have been painted in his house and show the same furniture and the same decorations, often the same characters, mainly women.


Vermeer never seems to have been rich, leaving his wife and ten children in debt at death. Maybe because it produced little paint. He is certainly credited with only 34 paintings. Vermeer works slowly and uses bright colors or pigments are very expensive.


He died at 43 in Delft and fell into oblivion.


Rediscovered in the 19th century, he is now recognized as one of the greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age

The milkmaid, a renamed table name

the milkmaid is not the real title of this table. The original Dutch title is Het melkmeisje


A translation error appears in the table table The mikmaid 


But this translation is not correct because a dairy is a person who delivers home milk from the farm.

Het melkmeisje - A servant pouring milk
Het melkmeisje - A servant pouring milk


In the 17th century, the first title of the painting was "a servant pouring milk" and this is what it is.


But the misleading title later knew such a celebrity that it was no longer possible to correct it.


In 1971 the large distribution of dairy products uses the image to illustrate a trademark registered under the name "the dairy" later bought by Nestlé - Danone.

The table becomes a pure marketing product on the packaging of thousands of dairy products.


This consumer use has helped to increase the international success of the masterpiece

Het melkmeisje

Around 1658

Oil on canvas

455 mm x 410 mm

Painted just 28 years old "a servant pouring milk" is one of Vermeer's most famous paintings.

It is the only one whose subject is a servant. At this point in his life, Vermeer has just married Catharina Bolnes, from a background of wealthy traders. Servants are present in the home where the painter can observe them in daily tasks.


The color and light are treated with great mastery, three shades of blue associated with bright yellow, with touches of bright white in a stripped decor but where the details are treated with extreme care.


The success of this universal painting is that it is within the reach of the greatest number, no prior culture is necessary to understand the theme and admire the poetic look of the artist. The simplicity of the scene is all his humanity and this character with maternal dimensions, close to the world, soothes.

A fabulous Louis Vuitton trunk for a fabulous painting


A few years ago, we told you about this young prodigy who made a name for himself at the Ateliers d'Asnières sur Seine by winning the 2.0 Louis Vuitton adventurer's trunk contest.

Jonathan Knafo artisan Louis Vuitton - © Gregoire VIEILLE
Jonathan Knafo artisan Louis Vuitton - © Gregoire VIEILLE


Jonathan Knafo has since gone a long way in the Louis Vuitton Luxury House.


After ten years in the workshop he is now developing and designing rigid luggage.


He is entrusted with the craziest projects. The last :


A prodigious trunk, for a fabulous painting ...


Vermeer master painter Dutch, offers a trunk Made in France, this clever mix of time and tradition offers us an extraordinary project.

Trunk vermeer Louis Vuitton transport japon
© Gregoire VIEILLE

For this project, they were just a handful to be aware of the content. It was ultra confidential even in the workshop.

Like any confidential project it had a code name:




Marketing Louis Vuitton left carte blanche to Jonathan, who for this project ensured all the steps:

  • Design
  • Design
  • The making
Trunk louis vuitton 2018 malle de luxe

Of course he did not have the painting in the workshop to make this trunk, he had to pack this baggage only with a box packing the table.


Louis Vuitton is the initiator of this trunk offered at the Amsterdam Museum to transport his most valuable painting nicknamed "the Mona Lisa of the North".


Exhibited since 1909 at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam "the servant pouring milk" has temporarily joined the Royal Museum of Tokyo in Japan.


Louis Vuitton has specialized since 1854 in the manufacture of transport boxes to protect all kinds of collection.


This trunk is again this new challenge.



Because travel is an art, we find on this trunk all the success of the Louis Vuitton heritage:


  • Iconic canvas

PVC coated, with LV monogram

  • Shore in lozine

Lighter than metal, waterproof

new trunk louis vuitton luxury vermeer
  • Brass Jewelery

Throat lock, clasps and nails whose design has not evolved for more than 100 years still polished solid brass.

  • Yellow and blue strips

The two flagship colors that made Vermeer's success, recalling that Louis Vuitton customizes his trunks are hand-painted.

  • Yellow suede interior

Recalling the tunic of the maid and making a link with the yellow of the Vuittonite canvases of the Louis Vuitton 1920's wardrobe.

  • Removable facade

For a trouble-free handling of the painting, recalling the removable door trunks for costumes for actors of the 1930s.

very special louis vuitton trunk
  • Smart storage

The table being thin, to ensure perfect stability of the trunk, the thickness was increased by 40%. The trunk has a false behind. which was used to create 2 boxes of storage, for the certificates / book of transport as well as gloves of handling.


  • Secretary handles

Cowhide leather handle, historic design of the house, which fitted the secretary trunks, shoe trunks and other special order that made the success of the brand.

  • Wooden slats on the facade

These slats in beech wood, serve to strengthen the structure without weighing it down.


Comment Jonathan:

To know that I have created a trunk for one of the most mythical paintings in the world, is for me a reward and a pride.



Video Louis Vuitton - Trunk Vermeer:

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