Louis Vuitton flower trunk and VIP gift

Precious object of desire: Flower trunk

Louis Vuitton flower trunk


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Birth of a tradition

Flower trunk

Georges Vuitton examining a trunk with flowers - 1930
Georges Vuitton examining a trunk with flowers - 1930

At Louis Vuitton, we make a rule of not granting any discount or discount, for any reason whatsoever.


From 1910, in order to thank their most loyal customers, Georges and Gaston-Louis Vuitton decided to proceed more gallantly by honoring the ladies.


Rather than sending them banal flowers embedded in asparagus and paper crystal, they imagine that this bouquet happens to them planted in a small trunk Monogramme canvas whose interior is isolated from water and moisture by a zinc tray.


There are dozens of different finishes, with different locks, clasps, interior paper.


Made of wood covered with a mini LV coated fabric and paper interior with removable zinc tray.

Gaston Vuitton next to a flower trunk - 1970s
Gaston Vuitton next to a flower trunk - 1970s

The manufacture of the trunk makes the object very fragile which explains the rarity and the great value of these pieces today.



The dimensions can also vary by a few centimeters:


28 cm x 14 cm x 11 cm

A box that reinvents itself

Louis Vuitton flower trunk for jewelry


Leisure is then left to the feminine to pursue this destiny or to recycle this trunk as it sees fit, in sewing box, jewelry or cigarettes. 



"It's the reduction of a cabin trunk that my grandfather offered to the best customers. She is magnificent. With these peonies and roses in a custom zinc tray. We are closer here to the jewel than to the trunk. I realized the last ten twenty years ago, with accessories found in our workshops. And I had the joy of offering them to very beautiful women. When the flowers were faded, the customers brought back the trunk to be transformed into a sewing box or cigarettes! "

Patrick Vuitton

Examples of ancient flower trunks

Louis Vuitton flower trunk for jewelry

Other models of the same period

 Louis Vuitton floral suitcase


Louis Vuitton floral suitcase



Rarely produced around 1910



Dimensions: 20 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm

Plain color flower trunk

Plain color flower trunk


Much less sought after but has the merit of existing.

Around 1920

Canvas dark blue color,


model without clasp.



Dimensions: 24 cm x 11.5 cm x 9.5 cm

Cowhide leather trunk flower


Cowhide leather trunk



Year: 1927



Interior and exterior vegetable leather

Cardboard trunks: Ben, Caesar and Arman

The mini-trunks are gifts offered by Louis Vuitton to its most loyal customers

Cardboard trunks: Ben, Caesar and Arman louis vuitton

1989 mini-trunk carton


In the Iconoclasts family, we ask uncles! We are in 1989, Ben, César and Arman, troubled depositories of the new realism of the 1960s, lend their insolent creative genius to the Louis Vuitton House. For the inauguration of the building at 54 avenue Montaigne, the trio chooses to put themselves in a box. The result: a small cardboard trunk, fragile, cheeky and adorned with the mythical Monogram motif.Inside this precarious box, 3 jewels promised to posterity: a pin way "accumulation" for Arman; a pendant-case of a rustic kind on which Ben wrote of his famous writing: "This box may contain a diamond"; and a "compression" pin for Caesar, the master in car crushing. Published in 850 copies, 25 signed by the hand of artists, this trunk fun and foolishly plays the playful encounter of prosaic materials and a noble know-how. Or how to bring the world into a miniature exhibition.

Mini-trunk: Paperweight

This charming tradition of flower trunks was updated in 2010 with paperweights.

2010 Miss France Mini Mail Trunk louis vuitton


2010 Miss France Mini Mail Trunk


Monogram paperweight enhanced with the inscription Miss France and the French flag. Brown composite edges, brass corners and closure, leather handles and straps.


This mini-trunk does not open unlike other models.

2011 Zinc explorer mini-trunk Louis vuitton

2011 Zinc explorer mini-trunk



Replica of a model of 1899, "special trunk for man", faithfully reduces to the scale 1/7. All the details of this exceptional trunk, visible in the Louis Vuitton Museum in Asnières, are faithfully reproduced and patinated like the original, including the labels stuck by its former owner.

2012 Checked hat mini-trunk Louis vuitton

2012 Checked hat mini-trunk



Replica of a 1895 model, trunk hat for lady in checkerboard fabric, personalizedwith a "T" in a red triangle and a number "3", faithfully reduces to 1/7 scale.


This piece could hold up to 6 hats that were pinned to the cage or banded frame with pins and small ribbons. At the time when traveling without a hat was inconceivable, these fragile accessories deserved a full baggage that allowed them to keep their perfect shape in all circumstances.


Inside, there was a cage deep enough to hold large breasts, and a tray for flat hats.


2013 Striped mini-trunk Louis Vuitton

2013 Striped mini-trunk



The mail mini-trunk is the replica faithful to the 1/7 of a trunk dating from 1888 and covered with striped canvas of beige and brown color. On the sides, the initials marked AP suggest the name of its owner. Dedicated to men, the Courrier model is characterized by its two frames and its lower interior height than the other men's trunks of the time. Its use was therefore essentially reserved for clothing.


To facilitate the identification of Louis Vuitton trunks previously covered with gray cloth, the House uses from 1872 a new motif: a striped canvas of red and brown color. Later, this pattern is declined in other colors.

Reissue trunk flowers - 2015

Reissue trunk flowers - 2015 Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton offers a reissue of his famous flower trunk in 2015


Reference: M41504


Available in store


Price (January 2019) : 4,600 euros.


Dimensions: 29.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 14.5 cm


Box: Monogram canvas exterior, Vuittonite lining, wood slats, natural leather handles and gold metal parts

Chassis: Water-resistant and water-resistant coated metal, Monogram engraving


A reinterpretation of an iconic trunk created in the 1910s for our best customers, the Malle Fleurs is a romantic model that finds its roots in the long tradition of Louis Vuitton. Thanks to its water resistant metal frame and its Vuittonite lining, it can safely accommodate flowers, water or soil.