Restoration of an orange vuittonite hat trunk

Before the restoration of the hat trunk

Orange trunk Louis Vuitton france


When we received this very pretty hat trunk, we saw directly its big potential:


Vuittonite orange Louis Vuitton trunk old



Old labels of his many travels were glued on each side, leaving large black glue stains.


The more the basic state of the trunk is healthy, the better the result.


And despite an aspect "in his juice" for an uninformed eye, this trunk was a rough diamond ready to be cut.

After the restoration of the hat trunk

after cleaning the Louis Vuitton canvas


Our Malle2luxe workshops are specialized in complex restorations requiring a perfect mastery of several guilds:



No subcontracting, the work is done in the rules of the French artisan, attention to detail, where only the result is important whatever the time to spend.

We respect the rules of the art of each profession for a perfect result.

After the restoration of the hat trunk Louis Vuitton


This trunk is once again a beautiful illustration.


Outside of the trunk:


After cleaning the:

  • leather
  • brasses
  • Vuittonite Canvas


This trunk Louis Vuitton orange Vuittonite, sold rue du Scribe in Paris in 1909, finds its glamorous charm!

Respecting the rules of art, known to collectors:

  • Do not denature the object
  • Find the original state
  • No paint (or pigment)
  • No varnish (or wax)


This is a cleaning to restore the original condition, and on this trunk or 100% of the original parts are kept.

Interior of the trunk:


Original ribbon ribbon from Louis Vuitton


Cassier à ruban to pin Madame's hats.


It is an exceptional trunk, of cubic form, ideal to serve as a serving or coffee table, it is very sought after.

Youtube video restore vuittonite orange trunk :


Restauration malle à chapeau : Version Française