History Trunk Goyard

What a beautiful story that the Parisian malletier Goyard!



In 1845, the young François Goyard entered as an apprentice at Morel, a packer layetier located at 347 rue St-Honoré, near Place Vendôme.


Morel is the official supplier of the Duchesse de Berry.


In 1853, following the brutal death of his employer François Goyard, he took over and created the company Goyard.


In 1856, at the renumbering of the streets of Paris, the 347became the 233 St-Honoré. The address of the house has since never changed.

In 1885, his eldest son 25 years Ainé Edmond Goyard took over the company and renamed E. Goyard Aîné.


Edmond is a visionary with a lot of creativity. He also develops the company by opening four branches. He created articles for animals and develops automotive products.


In 1900, it was his first participation in a long list at the Universal Exhibitions. He presents the emblematic canvas Goyardine à chevron.


Before his death in 1937, he teamed up with his first son Robert and led jointly

E. Goyard Ainé et fils.


In 1937, Robert Goyard embodies the brand during post-war growth.

Like his father, Robert runs the shop until his death in 1979.


In 1965, it redraws and deposits the woven fabric Goyard.


In 1968, he revisited the drawing by simplifying it.


In 1951, Jean Edmond Francois Goyard, son of Robert, entered the company's share capital, which he transformed into a limited company.

In 1979, at the death of Robert, Jean Edmond Francois resumed, with his daughter Isabelle Goyard, the company which is on the decline.


In 1998Jean-Michel Signoles, a French businessman, former owner and creator of the Chipie brand, takes over the management of the house with his sons.


He built new workshops in Carcassonne where he came from.


In 2002 The declensions of the canvas goyardine in twelve colors is the first sign of a revival of the Signoles family.


Made famous by its canvas rafters, the brand communicates very little. Yet its prestige is enormous because it provides stylists of great fame like Coco Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld and stars like Madonna or Victoria Beckham.



François Goyard (1828-1890)

Edmond Goyard (1860-1937)

Robert Goyard (1893-1979)

Jean Edmond francois (1918-2005)

Revolutionary creation, the trunks that made the success of Goyard



1925 - Trunk office Goyard


Commissioned by writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is none other than the creator of the detective novels Sherlock Holmes.




Wardrobe Trunk Goyard


This black wardrobe is the personal trunk of Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel.