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Although aluminum has invaded virtually every area of everyday life, it was a time when aluminum was worth more than gold.


In 1807 a British physicist named "aluminum" a metal which he supposes the existence.

trunk cabine aluminum Louis vuitton

In 1854 a French chemist presented the first aluminum ingot to the Academy of Sciences.


The Emperor Napoleon III finances with his own money the production of aluminum.


In 1855, the first aluminum ingots were presented at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, admiring the crowd for this revolutionary metal. Malleable, flexible, little oxidizable and very light. It is then called the white gold of Napoleon.


At this time aluminum is very expensive to produce due to its chemical process, considered a precious metal, so it is more expensive than gold.

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It is used to produce:


- High jewelry jewels

- Objects of art and prestige

- Medals

- Change

- Luxury goldsmithery

- Statues

- Military objects that were to be as light as possible.


Aluminum was then what was most precious and most luxurious in France at that time.


The greatest are interested like the goldsmith Christofle who shows very early interest in this metal, he filed patent and he then imagines elitist products. The manufacture of Sèvres will also be interested. Napoleon III will offer an aluminum bracelet to Queen Victoria. And Eugenie's wife Napoleon, eager for progress, will order several pieces of aluminum.


So when the Emperor Napoleon III receives distinguished guests, they were served in aluminum dishes, the others had to be satisfied with the golden dishes.

Luxury goldsmithery aluminum art old best french manufacture


It was not until 1907 that aluminum became a more industrial product thanks to a new electrolysis process. The higher the production, the lower the price, the main reason for its success.


In 1910 aluminum was a little more expensive than tin, worth twice as much copper and eight times more than lead and zinc.


In 1955, the scale of sales prices reflects a reversal of the situation: copper and aluminum are at the same price.


Until the 1st World War France is the leading producer of aluminum.

aluminum Louis Vuitton trunk


Aluminum production for France per year:


1855: 0.3 tons

1895: 269 tons

1918: 12,000 tons

1945: 37,000 tons

2015: 400,000 tons


From 1852 Mr. Louis Vuitton personally takes care of the toilet of Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.

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Put in context the total or partial aluminum trunks are exceptional it's the ultimate in chic!


Combining new technology, precious matter and French know-how. The aluminum trunks will be produced in very small quantities in view of the price of the raw material.


Louis Vuitton aluminum trunks are trunks for a clientele of explorers and elegant travelers. The trunks covered with a thin layer of metal are resistant and waterproof thanks to a patented system. Imposing, these bags are not heavier than their leather or canvas counterparts.

Louis vuitton cabin steamer trunk 1892

Louis Vuitton Cabin Trunk


Year: 1892


Outside: Solid aluminum


Border and corners: Solid aluminum


Lock and clasps: Solid aluminum


Nails: Solid Aluminum Marked Louis Vuitton


Dimension: 72 cm x 45 cm x 34 cm

Louis Vuitton Cabin Trunk steamer mark5 1936


Louis Vuitton Cabin Trunk


Year : 1892  


Outside: Solid aluminum


Border and corners: Solid aluminum


Lock, clasps and handles: Nickel-plated brass


Nails: Aluminum


Dimension : 73 cm x 44 cm x 33 cm

full aluminum trunk louis vuitton 1892 very rare


Louis Vuitton Courier Trunk


Year: 1892


Outside: Solid aluminum


Border and corners: Solid aluminum


Lock, clasps and handles: Solid aluminum


Nails: Solid Aluminum Marked Louis Vuitton


Dimension: 77 cm x 45 cm x 54 cm

Louis Vuitton Courrier Trunk aluminum


Louis Vuitton Courier Trunk


Year: 1898


Canvas Vuittonite orange 1st generation


Border and corners: Solid aluminum


Lock and clasps: Nickel-plated brass


Nails and spikes: Solid brass


Dimension: 47 cm x 45 cm x 82 cm


la malle en coin trunk louis vuitton



And finally, do not be confused, a steel trunk that has been stripped and polished, with an aluminum trunk.


In the first case we are on the "low end" version of the brand, in the second aluminum is the "ultra high end" version