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Is an independent French company registered in the repertoires:


- Of the Chamber of Crafts of Paris.


Restoration of antique second hand.


- To the Clerks of the Tribunal of Commerce and Industry of Paris.


Purchase, sale of travel articles and objects.


Registration at the Paris RCS



Expertise and most advanced skills in Carpentry & Cabinetmaking thanks to state school graduation and companions training for six years of the traditional and most rigorous techniques of woodwork.


With our experience in interior luxurious fittings of our most demanding customers, we leave everything behind to dedicate ourselves to old luxury travel trunks restoration.


We have acquired Saddlery & luxury Leather good craftsmanship from experts of the Hermès Maison. Additionally, we further developed our curriculum by acquiring artisan skills in Tapestry and Boilermaking to perfect our training as luxury Malletier.


Very quickly, the quality of our restorations distinguished us from the competition and we soon became a highly respected reference in the industry of luxury and premium trunks.


Expert in Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat trunks, we have mastered their secrets.


During a restoration, the time taken to achieve a work is not relevant, only the result is important, to satisfy our most demanding customers.


No subcontracting, all the trunks are restored only by us.


The expertise of the ‘Artisans a la française’, in Paris. Gestures and materials have not changed.


Gabriel G.


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Email : Malle2luxe@gmail.com 


Telephone : +033


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