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Louis Vuitton Luxury Trunk Expert - Goyard - Moynat

Louis Vuitton Luxury Trunk Expert - Goyard - Moynat


  • We have created the largest database with unlimited and completely free access, archives, reports and documentations around luxury luggage on www.malle2luxe.fr and www.malle2luxe.com in order to educate collectors and to share our passion with future amateurs.
  • We sell collectible trunks around the globe.
  • We buy whatever their condition.
  • We sell pieces for decorators and designers of contemporary trunk.

In addition to this merchant activity , we work on conservation , heritage restoration and collection enhancement for museums and private collectors.




Email : malle2luxe@gmail.com

Our course

State graduates, trained by journeymen, six years of teaching traditional techniques   of the most rigorous of the work of the  wood   to acquire the   skills   the most advanced in terms of carpentry & cabinet making.

With our experience in luxury interior design and our most demanding customers, we leave everything to devote ourselves to the restoration of old travel trunks.


We train at Sellerie's work   high-end among former craftsmen of the Maison Hermès .


Gilbert Rotival MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) teaches us leather leather and completes our knowledge of luxuryleather goods . We learn the work of the fabric by our mother Upholsterer , Boilermaking in the evening for adults and the work of the infinitely small jewelry, jewelery and polishingprecious metals at the prestigious Boulle school to complete our training Malletier .


We have more years of studies and cumulated diplomasthan a doctor Surgeon .

Very quickly the quality of our restorations distinguishes us from the competition and becomes an essential reference in the field of the collection trunk .
This, having worked for a while for German merchants and French antique dealers such as those at the Puces de Saint Ouen at the Paul Bert Serpette market.
The world's largest collector of trunks Louis Vuitton, a swedish man, entrusted us with the expertise and restoration of these 400 Louis Vuitton trunks. The most extraordinary building site of our life, an adventure over 6 years, which reinforces our experience.
Expert Vuitton , Goyard , Moynat they have no secrets for us.

During a restoration , time does not count, only the result matters, to satisfy our most demanding customers .


No subcontracting, all the trunks of collection and used are restored by us .


The know-how of French-style craftsmanship in Paris. The gestures and materials have not changed.


Our goal is to   find the original appearance of the trunk before his last trip .


Gabriel G.




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Malle 2luxe is an French company registered in the repertoires:


- Of the Chamber of Crafts of Paris.


Restoration of antique second hand.


- To the Clerks of the Tribunal of Commerce and Industry of Paris.


Purchase, sale of travel articles and objects.


Registration at the Paris RCS

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