courrier trunk vuitton mail
Trunk model L. Vuitton · 31. December 2017
Series of trunks with flat tops. Whose maximum height is 56 cm The depth is variable but often less than 56 cm The length is variable but does not exceed 112 cm These dimensions are the most common variables being 1 meter and 1.10 meter. Interior has 2 to 3 removable frames. It has 2 or 3 wooden slats on the front. The name courrier / mail does not mean a trunk to send letters.

Trunk model L. Vuitton · 30. December 2017
From a Polish cabinetmaker and an Irish mother, Leopold Stokowski by his real name Antoni Stanisław Bolesławowicz is a British conductor. Born April 18, 1882 in London He divorced three times: 1911 with Lucie Hickenlooper pianist-concertist under the name of Olga Samaroff 1926 with Evangeline Love Brewster Johnson, heir to powerful Johnson & Johnson 1945 with another heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. His career as a conductor lasted from 1908 to 1972. Naturalised American in 1915, Stokowski...

Restoration · 30. December 2017
When we received this beautiful old trunk Louis Vuitton. A Louis Vuitton cabin model from the 1920s. We were immediately seduced by its size of 80 cm. Unfortunately the brasses have been brushed, and the two clasps completely broken!

steamer trunk louis vuitton model cabine
Trunk model L. Vuitton · 30. December 2017
Series of low trunks with flat tops. Whose maximum height is 39 cm The depth is variable but less than 56 cm The length is variable but does not exceed 115 cm These dimensions are most common variables being 90 cm and 1 meter.

Restoration · 17. December 2017
When we were given this trunk Louis Vuitton from the United States, the visual shock was size. A thick, glossy layer of varnish covered the canvas. Unfortunately many Louis Vuitton luxury trunks of this provenance have been varnished during their lifetime. These damages, proscribed in the world of the trunks of collection, are prejudicial to the value of the luggage and denature the trunk and its history by preventing any restoration. It's almost impossible ...

28. November 2017
This is the first private exhibition dedicated to Louis Vuitton trunks collection. Legendary trunks the exhibition amsterdam louis vuitton The mystery surrounding this enigmatic exhibition is the image of its secret owner who has acquired during these last 20 years, in the four corners of the globe, hundreds of trunks with the monogram. And who decided to expose them for the first time to the general public in Amsterdam, cultural capital of exhibitions and art.

lock old trunk louis vuitton
07. November 2017
To open this trunk, the former owner decided that the best solution was to cut the hasp ring like a squirrel ... carnage! We will show you behind the scenes of a restoration, step by step. Our core business is the restoration of old trunks. In order to keep the authenticity of the piece we will keep 100% of the parts present and repair them. This work of goldsmithery, in the rules of the art is longer than to replace the original part by a "generic" of modern manufacture. But every day we...

date trunk vuitton louis old
07. October 2017
It is common to ask us the age of his trunk Louis Vuitton, even if it has little impact on the value of the luggage. Indeed, the trunks too old, of archaic manufacture, have less value than a trunk more modern, more technically finished and aesthetically. The date is often the starting point of a quest, in search of its history and its origins. We will reveal 6 tips for dating your old Louis Vuitton luggage:

trunk moynat
17. September 2017
It is increasingly rare to find trunks that surprise us. This Moynat trunk bought in the center of France in the countryside is a good example. Left abandoned in an attic for several generations, its very original form surprised us and seduced immediately. This trunk landed on the feet of the car in the shape of the wheel wing. Very cured we restored it with the utmost care.

L. Vuitton Toiletry Kit
13. September 2017
We received this Louis Vuitton toiletries dating from 1936. Probably the most luxurious range that Louis Vuitton has ever produced, surpassing the masters in leather work like Hermes. The most noble materials were chosen to make this toilet kit, the quality of the cladding work and the adjustment of the elements is out of norms, closer to the watchmaking than to the luggage. This kit is an "ultra luxury" item. The manufacture of accessories is entrusted to the best craftsmen in their fields. -...

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