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6 tips for dating your Louis Vuitton trunk

date trunk vuitton louis old




It is common to ask us the age of his trunk Louis Vuitton,


even if it has little impact on the value of the luggage. Indeed, the trunks too old, of archaic manufacture, have less value than a trunk more modern, more technically finished and aesthetically.


The date is often the starting point of a quest, in search of its history and its origins.


We will reveal 6 tips for dating your old Louis Vuitton luggage:

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Restoration of an exceptional Moynat trunk

trunk moynat



It is increasingly rare to find trunks that surprise us.


This Moynat trunk bought in the center of France in the countryside is a good example.


Left abandoned in an attic for several generations, its very original form surprised us and seduced immediately. This trunk landed on the feet of the car in the shape of the wheel wing.


Very cured we restored it with the utmost care.

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Louis Vuitton Toiletry Set

L. Vuitton Toiletry Kit



We received this Louis Vuitton toiletries dating from 1936.


Probably the most luxurious range that Louis Vuitton has ever produced, surpassing the masters in leather work like Hermes.


The most noble materials were chosen to make this toilet kit, the quality of the cladding work and the adjustment of the elements is out of norms, closer to the watchmaking than to the luggage. This kit is an "ultra luxury" item.


The manufacture of accessories is entrusted to the best craftsmen in their fields.


- The brushes are made of ivory


- The finest seamed leathers for interior and exterior are selected.


- The bottles are made of crystal


- The lids are in solid silver (first title)

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10 points to check before buying an old luxury trunk

trunk cabin vuitton in its condition before its restoration




Are you planning to acquire a new trunk vintage Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat or Moreau luxury collection trunk?


Awesome: this is a crucial moment and a very important decision!




But before buying, it would be better to verify these 10 primordial elements, history of not having bad surprises once home ...!







1- Identify the condition of the trunk :


  • As it stands (and should therefore be cleaned or restored)
  • Restored in perfect condition (nothing to foresee therefore)
  • Poorly restored (to be remade, or unrecoverable)

An old trunk that has been preserved as it is will have less value than the same trunk restored but more valuable than that which has undergone a bad restoration!



 Indeed a good number of sellers "make up" their trunk so that it shines but in reality, they deteriorate forever these beautiful luxury luggage.



Discover more ...

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Painted trunk Louis Vuitton

trunk damier courrier louis vuitton old


We will tell you an incredible story. That of a customer who possessed a treasure without knowing it.


He entrusted us with this old Louis Vuitton trunk for a restoration. It was entirely painted in brown to hide the prestigious Louis Vuitton damier canvas.


This technique was common during the various wars where wealthy families were fleeing by taking their luggage. And for the sake of discretion, painted their Louis Vuitton trunks in black or brown.

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8 tips for decoating an old trunk

trunk vuitton collector old



In wood, leather or canvas, the trunks are admired and appreciated in the world for their aesthetic quality. Once restored, the antique luggage is a true element of glamorous decoration that will seduce lovers of design and parts charged with history.


The most trendy are the "grand luxe" versions of Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat with their monogram.


Modern and timeless, they fit in any style of your home. They will give a contemporary, chic and cozy touch to any corner of the room.


How to integrate an old trunk or old suitcase into your interior?

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Louis Vuitton Contest: Trunk adventurer 2.0

trunk vuitton 2.0 adventurer

Trunk adventurer louis vuitton 2.0

By Jonathan Knafo

It all starts with an encounter. That of an exceptional craftsman who works in the historic workshops of the Louis Vuitton house in Asnières sur Seine.


A competition is organized internally to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Asnières workshop, whose theme is:

The Contemporary Journey


Jonathan, a young recruit full of ideas and enthusiasm, is one of 40 participants. On a page A4 format he draws the sketch of his project and his vision of the trunk of contemporary adventurer.


After deliberation, only one drawing is retained. His !


Wait to see the result.

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