All Stars wear louis vuitton, you will be surprised!

Personalization has always existed to shine in the eyes of the world, to show its belonging to a rank, to appropriate the object by creating the affect, the craft, to make a unique product series, so that it becomes a work of art.

Dairy is not the real title of this table. The original Dutch title is Het melkmeisje A translation error appears next to the table The mikmaid (translation: the dairy) But this English translation is not correct because a dairy is a person who delivers milk from the farm. In the 17th century, the first title of the painting was "a servant pouring milk" and this is what it is. But the misleading title subsequently experienced such

When we received this very pretty hat trunk, we directly saw its great potential. Despite an aspect "in his juice" for an uninformed eye, this trunk was a rough diamond ready to be cut. Our Malle2luxe workshops are specialized in complex restorations requiring a perfect mastery of several guilds

L'état d'alerte et la vigilance est de rigueur. Malle2luxe lutte contre la destruction de patrimoine et dénonce ces pratiques. beaucoup de malle de luxe ancienne louis vuitton sont repeintent attention donc si vous achetez une wardrobe ou un malle a chapeau

We receive many emails from people wanting to know the value of their trunk Louis vuitton, Goyard or Moynat. It is common to confuse expertise and estimation. Revelations about an abuse of language.

In polishing on everything and anything! We reveal to you how to recognize a good polishing of brass. It is clear that 95% of used trunks sold by antique dealers have a polishing very bad bill. Even if the trunks are old, even if there is a certain charm to have a ruined object, it is inconceivable for a collector to have a precious object, luxury, scratched by an inadequate restoration ...

Our client wanted a box to expose and tidy up a little old Chinese Buddha. The small sitting statuette, holding the sacred pearl, is carved in ivory. This figurine was offered to her by her dear grandmother, and has been in the family for several generations. This family patrimony has a great sentimental value that he wanted to protect in a luxury setting to transmit it in turn ...

Are you planning to purchase a new collection trunk for Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat or Moreau luxury homes? Awesome: it's a crucial moment and a very important decision! But before buying, it would be better to check these 10 essential elements, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises once back home ...!

This Louis Vuitton Cabin trunk from 1911 gave us a hard time. His condition was for all "lost". Many merchants would have torn to pieces because they would not have been able to restore this kind of trunks. But at malle2luxe, we need more to discourage us:

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