When we received this small suitcase with 6 pairs of 1920's lady's shoes we were pleasantly surprised by its general condition. This model is patented by Goyard, and no less than 3 stamps "registered model" remind us.

Flower trunk with zinc tray circa 1910, monogrammed paper At Louis Vuitton, it is a rule not to give any discount or discount, for any reason whatsoever. In order to thank their most loyal customers in a different way, Georges and Gaston-Louis Vuitton decide to proceed more gallantly by honoring the ladies.

This is a chance and a privilege for us when our client brought us this Louis Vuitton Explorer trunk made of aluminum, with extraordinary dimensions. This is undoubtedly the most expensive trunk and one of the rarest that we have never restored. The reputation of malle2luxe, the know-how of our workshops and its international reputation have led our customer to us.

The result of this sale is up to the rarity of this trunk Louis Vuitton aluminum. This is a world record never reached in the auction room for a Louis Vuitton trunk.

The announcements between private individuals, sales halls are the quest for sweet dreamers who are looking for bargains! Unfortunately good deals are rare and we will tell you one of those stories that are not spoiled. Discover the incredible story of this wardrobe.

Trunk Library, the largest model produced series (model double doors), it was used to carry his favorite books, typewriter, throughout his travels. This incredible trunk library in orange Vuittonite, hides many mysteries because appearances are deceptive as you will discover. It is a fascinating trunk that we discover during the exhibition of the largest Louis Vuitton trunk collection in the world "Legendary trunk" in Amsterdam.

All Stars wear louis vuitton, you will be surprised!

Personalization has always existed to shine in the eyes of the world, to show its belonging to a rank, to appropriate the object by creating the affect, the craft, to make a unique product series, so that it becomes a work of art.

Dairy is not the real title of this table. The original Dutch title is Het melkmeisje A translation error appears next to the table The mikmaid (translation: the dairy) But this English translation is not correct because a dairy is a person who delivers milk from the farm. In the 17th century, the first title of the painting was "a servant pouring milk" and this is what it is. But the misleading title subsequently experienced such

When we received this very pretty hat trunk, we directly saw its great potential. Despite an aspect "in his juice" for an uninformed eye, this trunk was a rough diamond ready to be cut. Our Malle2luxe workshops are specialized in complex restorations requiring a perfect mastery of several guilds

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