To understand the history of the luxury trunks Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat from the end of the 19 th century it is necessary to understand the history of the ancient curved chests which led the man to have to create these objects of refinement. The history of the chests goes back to the beginning of the history of the humanity on the 7 continents, it is the first piece of furniture made by the man.

We receive many emails from people wanting to know the value of their trunk Louis vuitton, Goyard or Moynat. It is common to confuse expertise and estimation. Revelations about an abuse of language.

Malle2luxe, defends French traditions and know-how. Today we are going to share with you our experience and our knowledge on the "saddle stitch" this traditional sewing without machine, sewn by hand. For example, how many times have you read and heard that a Hermes bag is entirely sewn by hand. Urban myth and revelation about machine sewing versus hand sewing, and how to recognize saddle stitching.

From a Polish cabinetmaker and an Irish mother, Leopold Stokowski by his real name Antoni Stanisław Bolesławowicz is a British conductor. Born April 18, 1882 in London He divorced three times: 1911 with Lucie Hickenlooper pianist-concertist under the name of Olga Samaroff 1926 with Evangeline Love Brewster Johnson, heir to powerful Johnson & Johnson 1945 with another heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. His career as a conductor lasted from 1908 to 1972. Naturalised American in 1915, Stokowski...

In polishing on everything and anything! We reveal to you how to recognize a good polishing of brass. It is clear that 95% of used trunks sold by antique dealers have a polishing very bad bill. Even if the trunks are old, even if there is a certain charm to have a ruined object, it is inconceivable for a collector to have a precious object, luxury, scratched by an inadequate restoration ...

Are you planning to purchase a new collection trunk for Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat or Moreau luxury homes? Awesome: it's a crucial moment and a very important decision! But before buying, it would be better to check these 10 essential elements, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises once back home ...!

The Alzer suitcase is an iconic and memorable model from Louis Vuitton House. It is also the most famous luxury suitcase that has seduced travelers around the world, with its design directly inspired by the historic trunks of the monogram brand and its robustness,

When we received this beautiful old trunk Louis Vuitton. A model Louis Vuitton cabin from 1927. We were immediately seduced by its size of 80 cm. Unfortunately the brasses were brushed, and the two clasps completely broken!

The unique number of each trunk is recorded on a sales book that coordinates the orders, manufacture and delivery of each trunk. From this number and the registers, we can date the purchase of each trunk, identify its owner. The lock numbers, identical to those of the keys, are also listed in specific registers.

Louis Vuitton hat trunk Due to lower production, on the used market, Goyard trunks are less present. Although their selling price is lower than that of a trunk Louis Vuitton, they are nonetheless popular with a well-informed public. Our mission, to restore the elegance of yesteryear without distorting it.

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