Restoration workshop of old trunk

The Malle2luxe workshop perpetuates a know-how in luxury luggage.


Sometimes time marks damage our beloved trunks, some parts may be broken during their travels.

And years later we continue the same gestures to revive his objects.


The work of the malletier restorer requires a perfect mastery of a wide range of skills:

Canvas Louis vuitton
wood trunk louis vuitton
Leather Louis Vuitton
Brass trunk louis vuitton
interior trunk louis vuitton

  • The meticulousness and patience to clean and restore the old canvases.
  • Carpentry for woodworking and construction of beech structures and laths
  • Cabinetmaking for wood preparation, and finishing.
  • Saddlery for the production of hand-stitched leather products.
  • Leather goods for the manufacture and repair of small leather goods.
  • La Cordonnerie for the cleaning and patina of leathers.
  • The Boilermaker & Locksmith for the adjustment of the closures and repair of hardware.
  • The polisher on metals to sublimate the precious brass.
  • The tapestry for the linings of interior linen and realization of the capons of lid.

 Promote the French know-how, and find the original appearance of the trunk before his last trip.

A full report of a luxury trunk restoration

Artisans du Patrimoine - Know-how of yesteryear


 Give a future to the past


Read and discover our reportage

We pay great attention to restoring the trunks and suitcases Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat.

By remaining the most faithful to the original, both by the materials used and by the implementation.

vernish Louis vuitton trunk

Louis Vuitton Wardrobe

Restoration of a varnished canvas


orange cabine trunk louis vuitton

Cabine trunk orange Louis Vuitton

Restoration of a curled and very dirty canvas.


zinc trunk louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton zinc trunk

Restoring a legendary trunk


lock louis vuitton

Open a Louis Vuitton lock

How to open a lockable lock


Trunk hat louis vuitton orange

Louis Vuitton hat trunk

Gentle cleaning


mail repainted trunk louis vuitton
louis vuitton tool trunk

Louis Vuitton toolbox for auto

Restoration of mahogany wood


trianon trunk vuitton

trunk goyard
hat box louis vuitton trunk


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